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Texas Beverage Industry Leaders Unveil Plans to Introduce Cannabis-Infused Beverages Statewide

Bayou City Hemp Company, 8th Wonder Brewery, and Flood Distribution Join Forces to Bring Exciting New Category to Texas Consumers

Texas Beverage Industry Leaders Unveil Plans to Introduce Cannabis-Infused Beverages Statewide

Three leading companies in the Texas beverage sector have joined forces to bring cannabis-infused beverages to consumers across the state. Bayou City Hemp Company (BCHC), renowned as Texas' premier Cannabis Operator, has partnered with Houston's esteemed 8th Wonder Brewery, Distillery, and Cannabis to create an exciting line of cannabis-infused products. The distribution will be handled by Flood Distribution, ensuring wide availability in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores, and grocery outlets throughout Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

Bayou City Hemp Company aims to introduce Texas consumers to this emerging category in a sophisticated and responsible manner by leveraging a thoughtfully curated selection of established cannabis-infused beverage brands from around the country. Teaming up with 8th Wonder Brewery, Distillery, and Cannabis, known for their craft beer expertise, BCHC will manufacture these beverages, offering both experienced and curious Texans an elevated and familiar experience. This collaboration builds upon the successful launch of Texas' first hemp-infused seltzer in 2021, which resulted from the strong partnership between Bayou City Hemp Company and 8th Wonder.

The initial lineup of cannabis-infused beverages will feature nationally recognized brands like Happi, as well as local favorites such as Wonder Water, Trillionaire, and Lil Bit by 8th Wonder Cannabis. Additionally, consumers can anticipate renowned brands like Good Feels from Massachusetts, California's Drippy, and HoBuzz, among others. The Bayou City umbrella will include HOWDY, introducing the country's first THC-infused Ranch water and Paloma seltzers.

"The partnership between Bayou City and Flood Independent Distribution marks a historic milestone in the Texas beverage industry, providing brand partners with a direct route to market, while giving consumers access to these low-dose products at the retail locations and establishments they already know and love," said Joel Canada, Chief Revenue Officer at BCHC.

 "Thanks to Flood's statewide presence and industry connections, combined with the sterling reputations of Bayou City Hemp Company and 8th Wonder, we can introduce this exciting new category to Texans through traditional markets in a trustworthy and reliable way," added Josh Samples, VP of Distribution at BCHC.

All the beverages in this selection comply with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and Texas HB 1325, enabling legal sales and distribution across most of the country and throughout Texas. These beverages are infused with Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC derived from hemp, utilizing Bayou City Hemp Company's advanced CO2 extraction and proprietary nano-emulsion technologies.

Previously available exclusively at Houston's 8th Wonder Brewery, Distillery, and Cannabis, these highly anticipated beverages will now reach consumers statewide thanks to the extensive distribution network of Flood Distribution. Known for their meticulous curation of outlets and products, Flood Distribution ensures that only high-quality and popular beverages make their way to consumers. This major announcement signifies a significant advancement in Texas' cannabis-derived product space and carries the potential to make a substantial impact on the national beverage industry.

The introduction and widespread availability of legal cannabis-infused beverages mark a major milestone in both the beverage and cannabis markets, coinciding with the remarkable growth observed in this sector. Projections from Seaport Research Partners estimate a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 55% for the U.S. cannabis beverages market, reaching an impressive $14 billion by 2030.

For consumers, the quality of the product and the safety of the extraction process are vital factors in the success of cannabis beverages. The combination of 8th Wonder's beverage expertise and Bayou City Hemp Company's scientific rigor in extraction and formulation techniques has already resulted in a sell-out product at the Houston location. Now, with Flood Distribution's extensive reach across Texas, this strategic partnership has the potential to become a transformative moment in the Texas beverage industry, solidifying the significant role of cannabis-infused products within it.

Starting this month, consumers in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas will find this impressive portfolio of cannabis-infused beverages available on store shelves and restaurant menus. To ensure availability, interested individuals are encouraged to make their requests promptly.

The availability of these innovative products represents a substantial leap forward in the cannabis-infused beverage sector as visionary leaders in the Texas beverage industry collaborate to provide consumers with a diverse range of options.

Photo Courtesy BCHC