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Throne Brewing Acquires Freak'N Brewing Co.

Throne Brewing Acquires Freak'N Brewing Co.

Throne Brewing Co. in Peoria, Arizona has announced the acquisition of Freak'N Brewing Co. More details on this deal are below.

PEORIA, Ariz. — Freak’N Brewing Company is selling its facility and brewing equipment to Throne Brewing effective April 1, 2020.

Arizona craft brewery, Throne Brewing is purchasing the Freak’N Brewing facility operations and brewing equipment to expand the Throne Brewing production and add canning to their packaging options. The brew house and taproom operations will continue to operate under Throne.

The Freak’N facility is 3519 square feet containing a 20 bbl brewhouse consisting of a Mash Tun & Lauter Tun and a Kettle & Whirlpool in a 2-Vessel steam jacketed configuration. With this are seven fementors and two bright-tanks providing over 140 bbl of capacity for beer in production.  A large walk-in cooler and a cozy taproom completes the suite located in the in the Olive Business Park.

Freak’N Brewing Company started brewing nearly 6 years ago and opened the taproom May 2014.  Over the years, Freak’N produced a wide variety of beer flavors.  The Freak’N Brew brand with the face logo is a favorite among West Valley Craft Beer aficionados.  The Brand has many popular recipes such as, Raspberry Wheat, Dirty Double Blonde and the mischievous Faced IPA. Loyal Freak’N Beer fans enjoy the unique 3 Pepper WIPA, Sweet Thang, among other seasonal beer specials. Most recently, Freak’N released MindFreak, a blonde stout.

Throne Brewing is recently rebranded and is expanding its distribution throughout the Valley and more.  Throne Brewing brewpub, located in Glendale, serves food and a wide selection of Throne Beer.  The Bell Road IPA and Throne Helles Awaits are two of the favorites. The brewpub also offers Trivia on Wednesdays.