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Zouk Single-Estate Organic Rye Vodka Debuts

Zouk Single-Estate Organic Rye Vodka Debuts

Zouk Vodka in Warsaw, Poland has unveiled its organic single-estate rye vodka. Full details from Zouk are below.

WARSAW, Poland– Polish vodka producer, Neilson Europe, launches an organic single-estate rye vodka made from rare Dankowskie platinum rye. The rare organic Dankowskie rye used in the production of ZOUK is the most premium grade winter-grain that is recognized as a gold-standard grain for vodka production. It is grown on a single-estate located in an extremely cold and snowy region of Poland. This rye is organically cultivated in a serene natural environment and fed by natural water from the glacial lakes. It spends a minimum of 80 days under the snow due to which it has a distinct character and flavor.

The company credits the Mother Nature for the exclusive expression and character in their vodka. While processing this delicate rye, it is important to maintain its natural flavor and character. Hence, the entire process of distillation is monitored manually, and the product is distilled at least 7 times. The final-cut in the distillation process is decided by the master distiller, thereby, resulting in the finest super-smooth Polish vodka named ZOUK.

ZOUK is produced in accordance with the strict legal requirements of Polska Vodka and contains no sugar or additives. To further add to its luxurious, delicate, and premium character, ZOUK is bottled in a French luxury glass that is decorated by a renowned Italian design house.

Even before its official debut, ZOUK was awarded a Gold medal with 95 points (out of 100) at the renowned 2019 International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC 2019). This competition is also known as the Oscars of the spirits industry.

The honorable judges of IWSC 2019 recorded the tasting notes of ZOUK as “Lovely cereal notes to the nose along with rye and dark chocolate. Sweet onto the palate with hints of clean crisp citrus flavors leading to a peppery and mouth-filling long lingering finish”.

ZOUK is a perfect combination of a pure character and luxury that is hard to find on the market-shelves these days. While one can easily find a nice flashy bottle of vodka in the market, one does not know what is inside the bottle and how the vodka is made. It is not a surprise that there are many vodka producers who themselves do not know the answers to these questions. The ZOUK brand manager says, “the majority of vodka brands are focused on selling their stories that are full of fantasies rather than using the strength of their vodka as the unique selling points. “This is where ZOUK comes in as a game-changer. Neilson Europe proudly says that ZOUK only contains rare organic Dankowskie Platinum Rye from a single-estate and pristine spring water from the glaciers, and it undergoes a minimum of 7-times distillation. Yes, you have read it right – nothing else is added to this exceptionally crafted ultra-premium Polish vodka.

With its organic certification, strict processes to maintain its purity and taste, and its competitive pricing, ZOUK is bound to capture the global market. It seems like now the time has arrived when the vodka lovers and connoisseurs can start understanding their vodka better and stop falling for stories. They can question the ingredients and processes used in the preparation of their vodka, and in the case of ZOUK, they will surely get clear and honest answers to their questions.

People who think vodka is a tasteless spirit will be forced to change their mind.

People who think organic product cannot be a luxury will be forced to change their mind.

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