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Dream Beer Jobs: The Coolest Careers in Beer

Dream Beer Jobs: The Coolest Careers in Beer

If you like beer, then you’ve probably thought about what it would be like to have a career in the beer industry. While it’s not all sitting around sipping on ice cold brews, there are certainly exciting opportunities available. Some give you the chance to travel while others allow you to indulge your creative side. Interested to hear more? The following are five dream careers for beer lovers.

Work in a Craft Beer Factory

This is a great option to give yourself the chance to travel and learn new skills at the same time. There are craft beer factories across Europe that are looking for entry level staff to work in their factories. With the possibility of working your way up to become an actual brewer, you can also bring the skills you’ve learned back home. The initial costs may be expensive but the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable and a better-paid career awaits you when you get home. You can get a great rate on personal loans from a private lender to cover the costs of travel and you can enjoy reasonable repayment terms too.

Drinking and Writing About Beer

Do you fancy yourself as a critic? Perhaps you loved that beer you found in some backstreet bar and feel that the world needs to know about it. There might even be a beer you think should be avoided at all costs and you want to save another beer lover from wasting their money on it. Travelling and tasting new beers while being able to use your love of putting words onto paper is probably up at the top when it comes to cool beer jobs.

Beer Label Designer

Sometimes you’re sitting at a bar, staring at the bottles of beer lined up in the background, and you’re thinking those labels look boring. It might be the taste that keeps you coming back but it’s the design that makes you want to pick it up in the first place. Becoming a beer label designer is a great way to allow your creative side to run wild, while also creating something for a product that you truly love. You will also get a firsthand glance into the process behind beer labels from start to finish. Understanding what it takes to change a beer label once it has been approved can help streamline your designs to speed up that process.

Beer Tester

Wine tasting usually takes all the limelight when it comes to jobs involving booze, but beer also needs to be taste tested. Not only would you be testing to see if the product is up to scratch, you will also make sure that bars and pubs are serving the beer the way they should be. If they’re not, you have the power to stop them serving the beer until they get it right. An exciting job that involves travel and drinking – what’s not cool about that?

Barrel Apprentice

This is cool not only because beer barrels are aesthetically great, but also because of its rarity. Perhaps a job for the traditionalists, you can become an apprentice in learning how to make oak barrels which will be used to store beer in bars and pubs. This is a job that gives plenty of learning opportunities and you’ll be doing your bit to help preserve the more traditional aspects of beer culture.