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Where Is Online Betting Operated in Thailand?

With iGaming exploding globally, what is the status of online betting in Asia?

Where Is Online Betting Operated in Thailand?

Thai love spots just as anyone else. They make up a portion of sports fans across the world and love cheering their favorite teams from the comfort of their homes or their stadium seats. Some Thai like to bet on sports too.

The thing about betting on sports in Thailand is that it’s illegal, but there’s no problem if Thai bettors do so on foreign sites that offer their services to them. That’s why they might go for a site like Lucky Days and find that their favorite sports are covered from top to bottom.

In that regard, there are certain countries that cater to Thai players which is why they stick to them. Here are 3 such countries:

The Philippines

The thing about the Philippines and Thailand is that they’re close when it comes to geography, and they have had great bilateral relations for years. It’s also worth noting that the country has a different view towards online sports betting. That’s why there are lots of online sportsbooks available in the country that cater to a variety of players across the world. This is the reason why Thai players are welcome to online sportsbooks from the Philippines. Some sites even provide reviews for such sites. For example, a expert review will give you a glimpse at why this site is better than others.

With these sites, bettors have access to their favorite spots as well as many other ones. Additionally, these sites also have a certain variety of promotions too which is why they like to cater to Thai players. The variety of payment options is there for those that like to use different kinds of payment methods.


Malta is home to the famed Malta Gaming Authority which is an international regulatory body when it comes to the online gaming world. Lots of online casinos apply for licenses and need to pass a strict selection process to get one. With this in mind, it’s clear why the country has so many online casinos and sportsbooks to offer.

These sportsbooks are also available for Thai players. They cover their favorite payment methods, sports, and betting options. In other words, they have all bettors need to enjoy their favorite sports. Malta’s online sportsbooks are available to Thai players and will continue to cater to these bettors. The country is home to one of the best gaming authorities in the world, which is why its online sportsbooks are impeccable.


The third and final country on this list also has a different view on betting on sports online. It is another country with an international gaming regulatory body. In other words, lots of casino sites have licenses issued by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. This kind of handle on the situation shows you just how good they are with online sportsbooks. This international influence makes it possible for Curacao sportsbooks to be available to Thai players. In short, they have all Thai bettors need.