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All About Fruit Smoothie Beers

Ever since their inception, fruit smoothie beers have been hitting the right notes, with colorful fruit purées, big foamy heads and playful packaging. From Oregon to Georgia, taprooms are serving up flavorful brews that build on already stellar IPAs, sours, and goses.

“The trend of heavily fruited smoothie-style ales started several years ago. We began experimenting with these in 2020 after many years of brewing kettle-soured ales with fruit. The safety and stability of these beers are key. Showcasing a wide range of fruits and making sure the packaged product is stable presents a fun, unique challenge,” said J.C. Hill, director of brewing at Alvarado Street Brewery in Salinas.

Hill said the trick to a good fruit smoothie beer is to balance the sweetness of the fruit with the acidity created during fermentation.

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