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The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Saucy Brew Works as the Publication's Newest Brewery Trade Member

Publication's audience to discover Cleveland, Ohio brewery and brewpub through news coverage and judging panel's single-blind critical product reviews.

The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Saucy Brew Works as the Publication's Newest Brewery Trade Member

The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online is excited to welcome Saucy Brew Works of Cleveland, Ohio as the publication's newest Brewery Trade Member.

Saucy Brew Works transcends the realm of the ordinary. Since its establishment in 2017, their commitment extends beyond crafting beer; it's a fusion of passion, precision and premium ingredients, utilizing cutting-edge techniques. The outcome? A curated collection of delightful, sophisticated and genuinely authentic craft beers.

Saucy Brew Works takes pride in delivering unparalleled excellence to its customers, constantly pushing boundaries to ensure its brews remain dynamic and distinctive. Explore more on the website or, better yet, indulge in the Saucy experience with a visit to the brewery.


Since its inception in July 2017 at the flagship brewery and brewpub in Ohio City (Cleveland), Saucy Brew Works has marked significant milestones that showcase its commitment to excellence and innovation.

In July 2020, the brewery expanded its footprint with the opening of the Pinecrest Taproom and Coffeehouse, introducing Saucy Coffee for the first time. Following suit, in October 2020, the third location, the Columbus Brewpub and Coffeehouse, opened its doors in the Harrison West Neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

A pivotal moment in July 2021 saw Saucy Brew Works raise over $1.7 million from more than 2,600 investors through its inaugural equity crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine. Building on this success, the brewery launched its second equity crowdfunding raise the same month, welcoming over 500 new investors to the Saucy Brew Works investment team.

These milestones not only reflect the brewery's journey but also the unwavering support of the community. Join Saucy Brew Works as it continues to craft memorable moments and exceptional brews.

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Discover Saucy Brew Works and its products.

Ohio City Brewpub
2885 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Pinecrest Brewery & Coffeehouse
400 Park Ave Suite 170
Orange, OH 44122

Columbus Brewpub & Coffeehouse
443 W Third Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

Sandusy Brewpub & Coffehouse
215 E Water Street
Sandusky, OH 44870