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From the Editor (Issue 60)


From the Editor (Issue 60)

Finally, the tides of time are turning, and warmer weather is seeping back into our lives (depending on where we live, of course).

With that in mind, I’m proud to introduce our May/June Issue of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine to you! This issue represents our 60th edition, and we couldn’t be happier that you’ve joined us on in this excursion into the wide and wondrous world of beer.

As always, we’ve got all the brew that’s fit to drink in #60, as well as a variety of interesting stories to catch your fancy.

Clayton Schuster returns with a story about the ongoing war in Ukraine, and how Russia’s invasion has led to a global barley and wheat shortage. As key ingredients in beer, the Ukrainian barley and wheat shortage has surely affected the industry we love, and Clayton shines a light on just how impactful the ongoing war has been to two of beer's most important ingredients.

Ready-to-Drink cocktails are quickly becoming one of the most popular beverage categories at liquor stores, and many craft breweries are hopping onto this trend with alacrity. Becky Garrison details why these drinks are taking off while highlighting a few notable producers.

Chile is normally known for its wine production, but Matthew Dursum delivers a story exposing the impressively rich craft beer scene in Valparaiso and Santiago. A globe-trotting story of the highest caliber.

Ron Watt joins us to elucidate the 11 Tips for Planning an Amazing Beercation – an insightful guide for those looking to get out in the summer months to explore amazing beers in far-flung locales.

Thomas Guzowski makes his BC debut with an intriguing story about The Naming of Beer Styles. This look at the marketing techniques and “hazy” naming practices is sure to make you question why beer styles are what they are.

Then, we finish up with a piece detailing the difference between the two terms “on-premise” and “on-premises.” (Hint: One of them is correct usage in the retail alcohol industry, and the other is not).

And that does it! We hope you enjoy reading May/June 2022, Issue #60 of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and we look forward to you joining us next issue.


Chris Guest
- Managing Editor


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