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Gnarly Barley Brewing Expands Flagship Beer Lineup with Haus Marg Sour

Gnarly Barley Brewing Expands Flagship Beer Lineup with Haus Marg Sour

Gnarly Barley Brewing in Hammond, Louisiana, renowned for its innovative craft brews, unveils its latest addition to the flagship beer family: Haus Marg Margarita Gose. This vibrant sour beer joins the ranks of esteemed year-round offerings including Jucifer IPA, Catahoula Common, Skater Aid Pilsner, and Korova Milk Porter.

Crafted to tantalize the taste buds, Haus Marg embodies a fusion of tradition and creativity. Drawing inspiration from the classic margarita, this German-style Gose boasts a 5% ABV and incorporates a harmonious blend of lime and tangerine juices, delivering a refreshingly zesty experience. Known for its distinctive use of salt in the brewing process, Gose aficionados can anticipate a delightful twist on this beloved style.

“After years of honing sours in and releasing them in the taproom we decided it was time to introduce one in distribution”, says Cari Caramonta, Co-Founder and Vice President of Gnarly Barley. “Who doesn’t love a Margarita? So we designed Haus Marg as a refreshing beer for year-round enjoyment in Louisiana. Haus Marg has the heart of a traditional German Gose but the tangerine, salt, and lime combination bring the party!”

Launching on February 22nd at the brewery's taproom on 1709 Corbin Road in Hammond, LA, Haus Marg will soon grace shelves across all Gnarly Barley territories, courtesy of the brewery's extensive distribution network. Retailers eager to stock this exciting addition are encouraged to reach out to Gnarly Barley's sales department via email at [email protected].

The introduction of Haus Marg underscores Gnarly Barley's unwavering dedication to innovation and inclusivity within the craft beer landscape. From humble beginnings in a garage shared with two feline companions and a halfpipe, founders Zac and Cari Caramonta have cultivated a brewing empire driven by passion and excellence. Since its inception in 2014, Gnarly Barley has garnered a plethora of accolades, including the prestigious 2020 Brewery of the Year title from The Beer Connoisseur®, alongside numerous medals and awards recognizing their commitment to quality and creativity.

With distribution spanning across Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, Gnarly Barley continues to captivate beer enthusiasts with its bold flavors and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of craft brewing. Stay tuned as Gnarly Barley Brewing continues to redefine the art of beer-making, one exhilarating sip at a time.