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Grimm Brothers Brewhouse The Bleeding Heart Returns for 2019

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse The Bleeding Heart Returns for 2019

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland, Colorado has announced the release of its 2019 rendition of The Bleeding Heart, a Baltic Porter brewed with cherries and blackberries.

The full release from the brewery is below.

LOVELAND, Colo.— Grimm Brothers is thrilled to announce The Bleeding Heart 2019 release. The evolution of The Bleeding Heart has brought the brewhouse to this year’s edition, a Baltic Porter with the addition of copious amounts of blackberries and tart cherries to give it that special Valentine’s kiss of sweetness. It is lagered to perfection, giving it a crisp finish with a hint of lingering roast and a medley of malts and dark fruits. The Bleeding Heart will hit stores across Colorado in 6-pack cans the first week of January giving, everyone ample time to enjoy this tasty treat before Valentine’s Day.

This year, we also have a specialty release of The Bleeding Heart, a barrel-aged sour blonde ale finished on tart cherries and a blend of funk (limit 2 per customer), which will be a taproom-only release on Valentine’s Day. This is the start of our plans to expand the brand even further with “Loveland only” options that will be barrel-aged collaborations with some of our local off-premise partners. We hope to draw people to Loveland during the city’s Valentine’s celebration to show the sense of community and togetherness that not only the Loveland Brewing community shares but the city as a whole.