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Holiday 2022, Issue 63

We’ve got a stuffed stocking full of stories and goodies for good girls and boys in issue #63 of The Beer Connoisseur® magazine, whether you be a diehard beer fan or someone who just dabbles in the arts of imbibing a quality brew.

Our cover story profiles pioneering Atlanta area restaurateur and craft beer retail expert Kraig Torres, who has reshaped the bottle shop market in the region with Hop City, while also opening up some highly successful restaurants in the form of Boxcar and Barleygarden. Owen Ogletree sat down with the jet-setting entrepreneur to discuss his efforts in the area.

Staying in the world of notable entrepreneurs, we spoke with Founders Brewing Co.'s Co-Founder Dave Engbers as his company celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

As always, this issue features a selection of “What We’re Drinking Now,” which highlights some wonderful brews that we’ve reviewed in years past – this time focusing on rich holiday styles that will pair well following a post-Thanksgiving family hangout or with cookies left out for Santa (he won’t notice, right?). We also feature a selection of five high-scoring beers from issues past that deserve a spotlight during the holiday season.

The holiday isn't complete without some tasty nosh, so Chef Elissa Oliver joins us to provide a recipe for chocolate stout cupcakes that is sure to make your mouth water.

Beyond that, we detail the fun sports, music, arts, entertainment and beer/spirits events near you that are sure to have your yuletide spirit peaking at just the right time.

This issue also features a brewery tour of Steady Hand Beer Co. in Atlanta, Georgia and a Brewer Q&A featuring Monday Night’s Peter Kiley discussing the delectable barrel-aged beer Last Will & Testament.

Rounding out our Holiday edition are two science-focused stories: the first is a look at the CO2 shortage in craft beer and brewing (alarming!), and the second is a story about researchers discovering a scientific way to make beer taste better (exciting!).


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What We're Drinking Now
Great beers available in Georgia that are a perfect accompaniment to the holiday season.

Hop City's Kraig Torres: Atlanta Restaurant Impresario and Classic Beer Style Defender
Owen Ogletree talks to this pioneering Georgia beer industry veteran about his storied career.

Monday Night Brewing's Last Will & Testament, a Barrel-Aged Masterpiece for the Holidays
This barrel-aged masterpiece, which scored a 94, is sure to hit the spot during the holiday months.



Five High-Scoring Beers to Try During the Holidays
Don't let these beers with World Class and Exceptional reviews slip through the cracks!

Steady Hand Beer Co. Brings Outdoor Charm Indoors
An inviting “outdoors-brought-indoors” taproom coupled with top-tier beer and terrific live music.

Chef Elissa Oliver's Chocolate Stout Cupcakes Are a Perfect Holiday Treat
While cookies are often the go-to for the holidays, these luscious chocolate stout cupcakes will serve as a tasty replacement for Santa.





CO2 Shortage Hits the Beer World
Beer without bubbles? Numerous factors are contributing to a current CO2 shortage in the beer industry.

Dave Engbers Discusses Founders Brewing Co.'s 25th Anniversary
The co-founder and president of Founders Brewing Co. discusses 25 years at one of the most influential breweries in the U.S.

Tastier Beer!? Microbiologists Discover Way to Improve Beer's Flavor
Researchers have discovered a scientific way to make beer taste better. Connoisseurs rejoice!



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Gnarly Barley Party Punch, Wild Heaven Sunburst IPA, Switchback Zaboo Hazy IPA and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.


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