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The Rise of Rupee Beer: A Game-Changing Brew Designed to Complement Indian Flavors

Named "Best New Beer for World Food," Rupee is rewriting the narrative of Indian beer. With its unique recipe including premium ingredients and reduced carbonation, Rupee is garnering awards and captivating a diverse consumer base.

The Rise of Rupee Beer: A Game-Changing Brew Designed to Complement Indian Flavors

When one thinks of beer, India rarely comes to mind. Despite being the most populous country on Earth and being the third-largest consumer of beer, Indian beer is simply not known for its brews. Nevertheless, two visionary brothers have set out to change this perception by introducing an exceptional brew that pairs perfectly with Indian cuisine and a variety of global flavors. Rupee Beer, the brainchild of Van and Sumit Sharma, has been making waves in America's beer scene, captivating taste buds and winning numerous prestigious awards.

The Quest for Indian Beer in Maine

Van and Sumit Sharma, the sons of Indian restaurateurs with a rich heritage in the industry spanning over half a century, faced a frustrating dilemma. As immigrants to the least diverse state in America, Maine, their family established the state's first three Indian restaurants in the early 1990s. However, they were unable to find an Indian beer that could complement the complex flavors of Indian cuisine. The popularity of Indian food was still growing in the United States at the time, unlike its fervent following in their home country and across the Atlantic in Britain, where curry had become a national obsession.

Crafting the Perfect Indian Brew

Motivated by the desire to solve the problem of limited beer options for Indian cuisine, the Sharma brothers sought the expertise of craft brewing legend Alan Pugsley. Pugsley, a British expat who shared their passion for Indian food, had successfully launched over 80 beer brands worldwide. Together, they embarked on a mission to create Rupee Beer, a game-changing brew that challenges conventional notions of what it means to be an Indian beer, even though it is not currently brewed in India. Surprisingly, Rupee Beer has found a dedicated consumer base, including non-Indians who appreciate its unique flavors.

The Extraordinary Recipe

Rupee Beer stands out with its exceptional recipe, which incorporates premium rice, maize, malted barley, and three distinct types of hops. The result is a light, refreshing, and highly drinkable brew that beautifully complements the rich and complex flavors found in Indian cuisine. One key element of Rupee's recipe is the deliberate reduction of carbonation and gas levels, ensuring that consumers can enjoy the beer without feeling uncomfortably full.

Rewriting the Narrative

Rupee Beer has not only captured the attention of beer enthusiasts but has also played a significant role in reshaping the perception of Indian beer. By breaking away from traditional lager experiences and offering a refreshing alternative, Rupee has rewritten the rules and successfully expanded its consumer base. This unique beer has garnered multiple awards, demonstrating its remarkable quality and broad appeal.

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