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River Rat Brews Beer for Single A Baseball Home of Tim Tebow

Columbia's River Rat Brewery has partnered with the Columbia Fireflies, an A baseball team, for Luminescent Lager. The team is currently home to former NFL star Tim Tebow. For more, see below:

Nothing goes better with baseball than a cold beer. At least, that is the idea that River Rat Brewery and the Columbia Fireflies share. This idea led the two Columbia powerhouses to team up for a new beer, the Luminescent Lager, and just in time for the beginning of Baseball season.

The partnership brings you an American Premium Lager, just in time for the Fireflies opening day. Coming in at 4% ABV, this lager beer is a home run for the City of Columbia. This lager boasts a crisp and dry flavor, balanced perfectly with Perle hops for a refreshing, thirst quenching beer that won't fill you up.

The collaboration came about when the Fireflies called the brewery with an idea to have their own, custom brew to be featured in Spirit Communications Park. River Rat Brewery was a natural fit.

“It’s our own brew, made specifically for us,” said the Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage for the Columbia Fireflies. “It’s a science behind it, and those guys (at River Rat) do a great job. They put out great beer.”

Upon partnering with the Fireflies, Brew Master Drew Walker thought to himself, ‘What beer goes best with baseball?’ This prompted Walker to design a recipe for an American Premium Lager, later to be dubbed, The Luminescent Lager.

“ You don’t want something too dark,” explains Walker, “as baseball runs through the summer time. So we were leaning towards something lighter. We brew our own pilsner here in house and I got to thinking, ‘let’s do something classic, something easy drinking and sessionable.’ That’s when the American Premium Lager came about. This brew is impeccably clean, crisp and dry. Perfect beer for watching baseball.” “Ahhh…that’s good.”

The brew was released on tap on opening day at Firefly stadium and was featured in River Rat Brewery’s taproom the following day. The brewery plans to keep the beer on tap in the taproom as homage to their home city’s baseball team and the friendship that has become of the two Columbia establishments.

“It is nice to be a part of such a great relationship among local businesses here in Columbia,” says River Rat owner Mike Tourville. “To be in Fireflies Stadium, cheering on our very own local team as they begin their second season and drinking a local brew, there is no better way to watch a baseball game. I think our Brew Master [Drew Walker] really hit a homerun with this brew.”

You can find the Luminescent Lager on tap at Spirit Communications Park throughout baseball season, on tap in River Rat Brewery’s tap room and at select establishments throughout Columbia, SC.