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Julia Ross: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Julia Ross: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Singer/Songwriter Julia Ross joins The Beer Connoisseur for the next installment of Crafty Celebrity Stories, which features the best tales of ale (and more) from leading actors, celebrities and persons of interest.

Julia Ross is based in Los Angeles, California and has been a professional vocalist for over a decade. Her Soundbetter profile page claims that she has "written for and shared the stage/ studio with artists like Miley Cyrus, Will i am , Lily Allen, BTS, Ke$ha, Jordan Fisher, The Chainsmokers, The Jonas Brothers and more.. I have performed in venues and on shows such as Wembley Stadium , SNL, Jimmy Fallon, The Dolby Theatre, BBC, The Ellen Show, the AMAs and almost every arena in the country."

Beer drinkers like to laugh. What’s the funniest drinking story you can share with us?
I think the truly funny ones are a bit too fuzzy at this point to recall. Some of my favorite moments with friends have come from hanging at dive karaoke bars or laying under the stars on a golf course with a pack of Coronas during summer nights. I have watched stoplights change at 3 a.m. lying in the middle of a four way intersection (small town, zero traffic, safer than it sounds… I think)... and have had the most incredible conversations over drinks meeting new people. Sometimes people put a negative connotation on bars and late nights and alcohol, but to me it is an amazing and fun way to find friends and connect! When the liquid is not abused of course. :) 

Who's the coolest person you've had a beer or drink with?
My dad! But for real. My dad is my Harrison Ford. He is the coolest, cigar-smoking, craft beer-drinking, can-fix-anything, hero-to-his-three-daughters kind of guy. A few of his favorites are Bell's Two Hearted Ale, New Holland Dragon's Milk, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Founders Breakfast Stout, Guinness and Beck's Dark. Anything from New Holland Brewing Co.! The man knows his beers and I like to smell them and have him explain the flavors in detail. 

What are a few of your favorite craft beers and why?
In all honesty, I am allergic to wheat and can only have beers that are gluten-free! Before I realized I was allergic, though, I loved IPAs and darker, more boldly flavored beer. The first time I ever drank, it was Heineken and then I went to the dark side and stuck with it. Like I said above, I’ll have my dad explain the flavors of his favorite beers to me as I’m sipping on a glass of white wine and having major taste bud envy!

Do you have a favorite (craft) brewery or breweries and why?
Omission IPA is pretty bomb for being a gluten-free beer. I have tried Redbridge as well, and I like it. I am going to have to do some exploring in the gluten free beer world this summer. Would love to find some coffee or chocolate stouts to try if that’s possible. Suggestions are welcome! Although it isn’t beer, I really love ciders. The drier the better for me. I recently had a Shacksbury Rosé Cider and fell in love! Depending on the night or the vibe or my mood, my go-to drinks are either an extra dirty vodka martini with 3 olives or Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks.

What new projects in the music world do you have brewing?
In 2018, I spent most of my time writing for other artists and working on features with up-and-coming DJs alongside my co-writer, Krysta Youngs. We also have been writing a ton for K-pop and co-wrote the song called “HOME” on the new Billboard #1 album Map Of The Soul: Persona by BTS. We are so honored to be a part of this incredible record and the BTS Army that have welcomed us so beautifully! This is my first cut and number one record and it feels unreal! Both Krysta and myself are continuing to write for other artists and focusing on our solo careers as well. I am planning on releasing new music this summer so keep your eyes and ears open! I’ll be in the studio with a new love for gluten-free beer after this interview and naming songs after my favorites stouts!

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