New Holland Brewing Co.

66 East 8th Street
New Holland, MI 49423
United States

About The Brewery

The art of craft. Each bottle of our craft beer and artisan spirits captures a flavor, a harvest, a season, a moment in time.

We honor those who put imagination, creativity and inspiration into their work. Our beer and spirits pair perfectly with a blank canvas, fertile soil, a blinking cursor, an empty plate or the hint of a spark in someone’s eye. The opportunity for art is everywhere.

We celebrate the artist in all of us. We celebrate the art of craft.

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Art in fermented form. Craft beer isn’t a novelty. It’s not a gimmick. Or at least it shouldn’t be. So what is craft beer?

It’s a nod to early artisans like those who first plowed fields, prayed for rain, tended the soil, and reaped the harvest. It’s managing the delicate balance between knowledge, inspiration and hard work.

There are no short cuts.

We know that at the end of a long day, we’ll have made a beverage worth the sweat, worth the sacrifice, and worthy of the craftsmen who came before us.

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About Our Spirits

A spirited life deserves a spirited drink. After almost a decade of craft-brewing, distilling was a natural extension for us. As perpetual students of fermentation, the art of creating alcohol, the next step of distilling into a more pure state, came easy. We coax flavor all the way from the brewhouse through our Prohibition-era still and into the barrel or the bottle, until it meets your glass.

Our philosophy remains true; we are dedicated to discovering artful nuances while delivering unique and interesting spirits in their most tasteful form. Inspired by our desire to pour spirits and cocktails alongside our beers in our growing pub in Holland, MI – we have created a balanced portfolio of spirits that are a friend to any bartender.

If it seems simple – it is – the way most great things are.

In the end, we’ve created a line of spirits that can live up to your own artful way of life.

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Brett VanderKamp
Brett VanderKamp
(President and Co-founder)

Brett has spearheaded the company’s growth and innovation since its inception in 1996. He currently serves the Michigan Brewers Guild as head chair of the Government Affairs Committee. Brett was recognized as one of Grand Rapids Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” in 2011 – heralding his dedication to innovation and community. Brett’s entrepreneurial spirit and artistic sensibilities are at the very heart of New Holland.

Dave White
Dave White
(Vice President of Retail Operations and Partner)

Dave has the distinction of being New Holland’s first employee. Since then, Dave has gone from part-time bottler to full-time “Director of Chaos” and led the team from a small, yet cozy pizza kitchen into a bustling, 350-seat restaurant serving the Holland area seven days a week. He has developed the retail and merchandise program, renovated several spaces and overseen the kitchen redesign to accommodate remarkable and persistent growth. Dave has also served on various community boards including – Holland’s Tulip Time Organization and Downtown Development Association.

Fred Bueltmann
Fred Bueltmann
(Vice President of Brand & Lifestyle and Partner)

Fred (a.k.a. The Beervangelist) is responsible for shaping and sharing New Holland’s brand and culture within the company and beyond. Bueltmann also acts as the official spokesperson and man on the scene at major industry events, as well as, fostering collaborative relationships in the marketplace. He is a Certified Cicerone®, past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild and recipient of their prestigious “Tom Burns Award” recognizing the pioneering spirit of the “Great Beer State.” Fred serves as a judge for the Brewer’s Association’s Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup. He authored Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy a seasonal tome on pairing, cooking and hosting with craft beer and was a 2013 Keynote Speaker for the Michigan Restaurant Association.