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Poker Players' Favorite Drinks

Poker Players' Favorite Drinks

The fact of the matter is that alcohol has the ability to give you high levels of confidence. Every time you sit down at the poker table or play online at after a couple of drinks, you have the intention to play the best poker ever and make fantastic reads to pick up some big pots. So, it would be hard to tell you to never play poker drunk!

Wine or stronger?

Such drinks like beer and wine can enhance any gaming situation. They help introduce new groups of people to each other and add more fun to a night of gaming with friends. Drinks can also be used to add glamor to a night out at a casino. Do you remember that a dry martini is always associated with James Bond? Enjoying this drink may not turn everyone into the agent 007 but it will enhance the gaming experience for sure. And keep in mind that bad beat goes down easier with a shot of a good old Bourbon.

Why do poker players like whiskey?

You see, the best buddy of poker is whiskey. In movies, poker games take place in rooms that are full of cigar smoke, whiskey glasses and discarded packets of crisps. For some poker clubs, that’s still the reality. Truth be told, poker players drink more than any other gamblers. But if we’re talking about home or online poker games at 初回入金ボーナス 最新新,, Bourbon is the best drink for serving there. It doesn’t involve large amounts of liquid like beer and wine and so, it doesn’t force players to leave the table frequently. Quite the opposite, it is meant to be savored rather than drunk quickly.

Will you win more sober?

Your sober state is your advantage. Every drink you have during the game brings your focus down. The more you drink, the more your ability to play reduces. So, in general, to make the most out of the game you play, you should be at a top condition – sober and focused. Read more at

Pros and cons of playing by degrees

Whether playing a Whiskey poker that’s designed to encourage drinking, or simply enjoying a drink while playing poker, choose the right ones. Not only can drinks enhance the gaming experience but also make the event more relaxing for the comers and goers. But you should remember that too much alcohol isn’t the best idea when stakes are high. While a drink or two helps players relax and enjoy the game, more shots can lead to undesirable consequences.


Poker is a game that requires mental concentration. Therefore, you should be in top shape in order to be able to analyze the game and make profitable decisions in every situation.