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Imperial Cabinet by The Bruery and Jester King Is Back

Imperial Cabinet by The Bruery and Jester King Is Back

Imperial Cabinet, a sour/wild ale that's meant to be a recreation of an early 20th century cocktail called the Ramos gin fizz, has returned in extremely limited quantities.

The beer is a collaboration between The Bruery and Jester King Brewery and took over a year to make. Brewed with lemon, lime, oranges, botanicals and sweeteners, the beer clocks in at a powerful 9.3 percent ABV and is available in extremely limited quantities here.

The full release from The Bruery is below.

Many things can happen when collaborating breweries come together.

Like us and Jester King, we both share a deep affinity for sour and wild beers. But rather than rest on our laurels, we challenged ourselves to brew a beer reminiscent of a nearly forgotten, early 20th century cocktail, the Ramos gin fizz, employing our wildly traditional methods to do so. We began with some of the cocktail’s signature ingredients - lemon, lime and orange citrus fruits, botanicals and sweeteners (sorry, no egg whites) - and then let our collaborative brewing process run wild. The result is laden with herbal and floral notes, bright lemon and lime zest, orange blossom honey, vanilla, warm oak and comforting spices.

The Ramos gin fizz is a hard cocktail to find, and when you do, it takes 10 minutes to make. Our collaboration with Jester King will be similarly elusive; however, it took nearly a year in the making.

9.3% ABV