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Spring 2020, Issue 47

This Spring 2020, Issue 47 of The Beer Connoisseur packs in plenty of powerful prose on your favorite topic: Beer! This issue is headlined by us naming who we believe to be the Best Brewery in the World: pFriem Family Brewers of Hood River, Oregon! We do not make this claim lightly, but pFriem’s sterling pedigree and 31 world-class and exceptional beer reviews in our Official Review made them our top choice for the honor.

Then, Stan Hieronymus delves into the sticky issue of What Are Noble Hops? Do the hops truly come from noble foliage? Or is this simply a trumped-up marketing term? Stan provides all the details and more in this engaging education piece.

Ryan Newhouse is up next with an interesting topic of the changing beer scene in the United Kingdom by looking at how Hazy, New England IPAs are affecting the country’s craft beer landscape.

Hard seltzers are all the rage, so we asked Jonathan Ingram to pose – and answer – 10 key questions about them to help shine some light on this meteorically rising beverage. How is it brewed? Is it here to stay? Jonathan has the answers.

In an eminently competitive industry such as craft brewing, breweries sometimes have to think outside the box to attract customers. Jessie O’Brien details 12 breweries with fascinating experiential taprooms in order to help keep customers engaged.

St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the finest craft beer cities in the southern United States, and we tasked Michael Thacker with finding some of the most interesting (and best) breweries in the city in a Beer Tour of St. Petersburg

The issue closes out with a duo of globe-trekking stories by Jim Dykstra. First off, he explores six notable Japanese craft breweries whose beers are available in the United States. Then, he heads north – way north – to Scandinavia where he finds the Top 15 Places to Drink Beer in Norway.

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The Best Brewery in the World: pFriem Family Brewers
With 6 World Class beers and a bevy of other high-scorers, this Hood River, Oregon gem is The Beer Connoisseur's Best Brewery in the World.

 What Are Noble Hops?
Stan Hieronymus details the dank history of these lupulin nobles.


Are Hazy New England IPAs Ruining the UK Beer Scene?
As Hazy, New England IPAs continue to expand their popularity, how are they affecting real ale and other styles in the U.K.?

10 Key Questions About Hard Seltzer
10 questions and answers on one of the fastest-growing segments in the hard beverage industry: Hard Seltzers.

12 Experiential Taprooms and Brewpubs in Craft Brewing
A look at fascinating taprooms and brewpubs that go beyond high-quality beer in order to grab drinkers' attentions.



6 Japanese Craft Breweries to Sample in the US
These breweries from the Land of the Rising Sun are sure to make for fascinating drinking in the U.S.

Beer Tour of St. Petersburg, Florida
A leisurely stroll through one of the best southern beer cities in the U.S. with Michael Thacker.

Top 15 Places to Drink Beer in Norway
Take a trip with Jim Dykstra up north – way north –​ to discover the 15 best places for a pint in Norway.


Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Pontoon Barrel-Aged Brownie Batter Batch Blend #1, Wallenpaupack Hawley Hefeweizen, Short's Superfluid and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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