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Are Hazy New England IPAs Ruining the UK Beer Scene?

The Hazy New England IPA is a beer that’s been called by many names: NEIPA, juice, “fad,” and “the first beer style based around Instagram culture,” which Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver claimed in 2017. Over the last few years, the Hazy New England IPA has proven to be anything but a fad in the U.S., so the time has come to test the waters by crossing the pond, where this style is being brewed and served throughout the United Kingdom The question is whether or not the NEIPA will actually destroy the wide variety of real ales and famed beer styles in the U.K. in favor of the “monoculture” of unfiltered, hopped-up brews.

For the uninitiated, the Hazy New England IPA’s “patient zero” is arguably Heady Topper from Vermont's The Alchemist Brewery, which debuted in 2004. Unlike its predecessor in the IPA category, the famed West Coast IPA, which is predominantly bitter, the NEIPA uses hops to attain sweet and juicy flavors and aromas. And to be so Insta-worthy, this beer style’s haze comes from being unfiltered, leaving suspended residual hop particles and proteins from wheat and oat that make up a substantial part of this beer’s grain bill.

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