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12 Experiential Taprooms and Brewpubs in Craft Brewing

A quick look at 12 notable experiential taprooms and brewpubs in craft brewing. With competition growing for local watering holes on all sides, these breweries opted for a unique style or aesthetic beyond the beer to keep drinkers coming back for more.

The craft beer boom may have slowed to a smolder, but the market still grew another 4 percent in 2018 according to The Brewers Association. Craft beer only accounts for 13.2 percent of the entire market, but despite that fact, in some states, it seems like there’s competition for your nightly pint on every corner. Craft brewers may feel pressure to separate themselves from the pack (or the six-pack).

Such was the case for Kevin Van Winkle and Bob Lichens, co-owners of Endo Brewing Co. out of Lafayette, Colo., an outdoorsy, cycling-centric town outside of Boulder.

“It’s not just standing out anymore. Now, everybody realizes you have to build that experience,” Lichens says. “A lot of people make great beer and have a good location, so how do you make people come out otherwise. What else do you do?”

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