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10 Key Questions About Hard Seltzer

Call it a millennial martini. Clear in color, hard seltzer comes in a wide variety of flavors, has very few calories and contains almost zero sugar. Just pour, hold the olives and voila!

By any name, hard seltzer is producing something unheard of in recent years—growth. After doubling its market share in 2019, hard seltzer may double market share again in 2020. If so, that would mean as much as four percent of the fermented malt beverage category.

Given the size of the overall U.S. beer market in annual dollars – over $35 billion with negligible volume growth in the past few years – hard seltzer has become a trend with enough strength in numbers to quickly move past the fad phase. To wit, it is likely to surpass $1 billion in annual revenues in 2020.

Remarkably, it has simultaneously been engaged by macro brewers, some craft brewers and new alcoholic beverage concerns looking to capitalize on the trend. Here are ten key questions about this beverage made with fermented sugar cane, carbonated water and flavoring, a drink increasingly found at social occasions, on bar menus and in some craft brewers’ tap rooms.

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