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Worthy Brewing Rebrands with Redesigned Cans

Worthy Brewing Rebrands with Redesigned Cans

Worthy Brewing in Bend, Oregon has announced a brand refresh that has led to redesigned cans, as well as two new year-round beers.

Joining the brewery's Lights Out Stout, Worthy IPA and Strata IPA will be new year-round offerings of Secret Spot Pacific Pale and Sol Power Pilsner.

The full release from Worthy is below.

BEND, OR. – On Monday, March 25, 2019, Worthy Brewing is soft-launching its new cans, new merchandise, and serious yet playful mantra ‘Earth First. Beer Second.’

“In the past, our cans have always been sort of stand-alone brands,” said Roger Worthington, Worthy’s Owner. “Now, they’re consistent and boldly portray the Worthy logo, making it easier for our customers to find the Worthy six-pack they’re looking for.”

Each can portrays Worthy’s mantra, ‘Earth First. Beer Second.’ on the label, along with Worthy’s commitment, ‘Worthy donates a % of sales to Earth-friendly non-profits,’ which speaks to Worthy’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

“I’ve always been an advocate for our planet and science education,” said Worthington. “We continue to take baby steps in the right direction. We all believe in it. And it just makes sense to communicate that commitment through our branding and cans.”

“Our new cans were hand-drawn by local artist and outdoor enthusiast, Paul Leighton, who is also a good friend of Roger’s,” said Meghan Hoey, Worthy’s Director of Marketing. “Each can represents a piece of Worthy’s identity – and together, they help tell Worthy’s story.”

Analyzing consumer insights and market trends, Worthy’s leadership team kept three of Worthy’s year-round styles in ongoing production: Worthy IPA, Lights Out Stout and its flagship Strata IPA. Brand new to the core line-up are: Secret Spot Pacific Pale and Sol Power Pilsner.

When asking Worthy’s Head Brewer Zach Brenneman about both Secret Spot and Sol Power, he said that both beers are lower in ABV but still boast all of the complex flavors and aromas that you expect out of great craft beers. On the Secret Spot he said, “It’s a beer you can drink after your trail run – and then have one [or two] more.”

And true to Worthy’s commitment in sourcing local, the Sol Power Pilsner features malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malts out of Madras, Oregon. “This Pilsner gets its flavor from Mecca Grade malts and a concentration of aroma hops,” Brenneman said. “You get more lemon, citrus and grassy notes, giving this pilsner a familiar local flavor."

Speaking to the design of each can, Hoey shares that the Worthy IPA can represents Worthy’s commitment to source locally and support its Northwest neighbors first. She also shares that Worthy’s fan favorite, Lights Out Stout, showcases Worthy’s Hopservatory, a unique, one-of-a-kind observatory that lets its guests experience the humbling beauty and diversity of space, while inspiring those who visit to take care of our planet. Worthy’s other cans boast equally thought-provoking visuals and messages.

“At Worthy, we want to enhance the guest experience, and also do the right thing by Mother Earth,” Worthington said.

In addition to new cans, Worthy’s rebrand also includes new artwork throughout its pubs, noticeable updates to its website, refreshed and aligned marketing collateral, and overall brand strategy.

“Worthy has always been a proponent of green technologies and practices,” Hoey said, “but those efforts weren’t promoted consistently to our guests and community. Now they are and we’ve made it our mission to continue to operate as responsibly and sustainably as we can – and share our learnings and progress with our fellow craft breweries and pubs. It’s not enough that we’re trying our best – we want others to join in too. Together we’ll be stronger, and better poised to be responsible, active members of our community.”