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What’s for Happy Hour Today!?

The Cool Cocktail Club is bridging the digital with the physical world.

What’s for Happy Hour Today!?

Who/What is the Cool Cocktail Club? We are a group of Crypto and Cocktail enthusiasts who came together to build a digital/physical bar where you can learn, share and grow with the community.  The founding team is composed of 5 Developer/Designers from all over the globe. The idea stemmed from the desire to create a digital bar environment that could be tied directly to the physical bar experience. A pairing of the two worlds and a blending of new technologies to create the ultimate cocktail recipe.

The Digital
The back bone of this digital bar experience is the Cool Cocktail Club NFT collection that is made up of 10 seasons with each season being limited to 1,000 Digital NFT Cocktail Recipes that are paired with beautiful artwork of that recipe that is created by our AI Bot for a total of 10,000 NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our team of designers and developers spent over 7 months fine-tuning the bot to create a palatable drink recipe with matching custom artwork that indicates the ingredients and name finally creates a name for the recipe.

The Physical
The Cool Cocktail Club is also doing something unique, We give the rights to the owner of the NFT. If you own the NFT you own the Name, Art and Recipe rights! You can market your drink to local bars, start a pop-up event with your recipe as the featured drink or even create social media trends with your recipe. The only limitations are your creativity.

One of the Founding members whose online name is Elypse had this to say about the project.  “The earliest parts of this project stem all the way back to 2013. I had spent a summer abroad traveling through France. Auvers-sur-Oise was where I tried one of my first cocktails, an Absinthe drink called Death in the Afternoon. It was a simple cocktail of 1 part absinthe with wormwood to 3 parts champagne, served in a square champagne flute. 

From then on, I have been trying out as many cocktails as I have the opportunity to do so. A seemingly endless list of ingredients and recipes to try out. And yet as endless as it seemed, each one tasted unique in some way. Different liquors, a local fruit, a homemade simple syrup.

Fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic, during the lockdown I was sitting in my backyard enjoying a Moscow mule, one of my favorite cocktails. The idea of a generative cocktail recipe pops into my head. The ability to create from a set list of ingredient, a vast array of simple two ingredient cocktails, or more complex five or six ingredient recipes. 

I did a quick sketch in my notebook of what that could look like as an art form. Different shapes of glasses, different colors for liquors, patterns for mixers, the possibilities for combinations, were seemingly almost endless. These possibilities for unlimited flavor combination could be explored as an art medium tied directly to the recipe itself. I took the idea to my group of friends, who are all tremendously talented artists, graphic designers, engineers, web designers. They can do it all. We started thinking about how we could pull it off, because it was a tall order indeed.”

The Cool Cocktail Club motto is Grab a drink and have a seat! We welcome everyone to our digital bar where you can learn, share and grow with our community!

You can order your own drink at our custom built site,
The Cool Cocktail Club NFT engine will create a custom drink like shown here:

The cocktail is crafted from dozens of possible ingredients, broken down into 7 categories. (Liquors, Mixers, Iced or Not, Glassware, Straws and Stirs, and Garnishes.)

Cool Cocktail Club:
What’s for happy hour today!?