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20 Great Summertime Beers

Ah, summer. For the vast majority of us, just uttering the familiar word subconsciously transports us to somewhere better, warmer and more relaxing – preferably with a frothy beer in hand. Most of us liken it to a more enjoyable, heightened season of sunshine, typically a social time spent in the great outdoors, prompting plentiful ice chests and enthusiastic clinking of glasses among friends. That's where summertime beers come in.

Whether you’re reaching for a crisp lager, Czech pils, fruited sour or satiating pale ale, the more robust levels of vitamin D paired with unwavering hotter temperatures naturally demands more hydration.

As such, this list will help you discover the 20 finest examples of thirst-quenching summer beers to help satisfy beer fans on a hot summer day.

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