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2022 Consumer Trends

The year of 2021 was another great year to justify drinking beer. Unless you’ve been living under a Rolling Rock, you don’t need anyone to tell you why. We are under pressure, like a Queen (featuring David Bowie) song in a bottle.

While the grass has been greener in the world of beer, the people keep on chugging. The question is, what are they chugging? And how will those trends evolve in 2022? In the following pages, we will examine present and future beer trends in three main sectors – craft, domestic and imports. We’ll look at the numbers to see what is flying off the shelves, then step back to see the bigger picture and what it means for beer drinking and production. We’ll cap it off with a forecast of what to expect in 2022.

Grab a glass and join us as we peer through the isinglass into the world of beer.

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