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Able Seedhouse and Brewery Unveils Better Selves IPA

Able Seedhouse and Brewery Unveils Better Selves IPA

Able Seedhouse and Brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the release of the brewery's newest core release.

Better Selves IPA is brewed with juicy and tropical hop varietals including Idaho 7, Bravo and Ahtanum.

The full release from the brewery is below.

MINNEAPOLIS — Able Seedhouse + Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis is proud to unveil the newest addition to the brewery’s carefully crafted and well-intentioned core beer offerings.

Better Selves, the new unfiltered IPA, is named after an elevation of thought and action. “The name comes from author and naturalist William Wordsworth, who liked to explore his sense of self through solitude and nature,” said Casey Holley, Able founder. “This has become a core tenet here at Able – expressing ourselves through art, nature, community and of course, beer.”

Similar to unfiltered hazy IPAs, Better Selves is built with a blend of tropical hops including Idaho 7, Bravo and Ahtanum. White wheat and oats are added to balance out the bright citrus tones for a pillow-soft finish and smooth, silky mouth feel. The protein content in the wheat and oats gives the beer its cloudy consistency and milky straw hue.

Better Selves boasts a lower IBU (International Bitterness Units), an attractive quality to a host of craft fans who love the hop flavor, but not the bitterness. A 4.4 percent ABV also makes it a flavorful, versatile option rounding out Able’s core selection.

“Better Selves is not a version of what most people would call a hazy IPA,” said Able head brewer Bobby Blasey. “Ours is lighter, cleaner, and much more delicate. Often hazy IPA’s have twice the number of hops and a high ABV, which make them much bolder. Better Selves is mellow with an easy drinking nature.”

Able’s cloudy, super tropical Better Selves debuts in the brewery’s Minneapolis taproom on Friday, March 29. You can find Better Selves on local shelves in cans and on tap in restaurants the first week of April.

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