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Adapt Brands Launches Hemp-Infused Superfood Beverage

Adapt Brands Launches Hemp-Infused Superfood Beverage

Adapt Brands in Santa Monica, California has announced a new hemp-infused beverage with superfoods. Full details on this new release are below.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–  Adapt Brands, a Santa-Monica based health and wellness company specializing in CBD supplements, is launching a new line of superfood infused coconut waters called Adapt SuperWater. These super-drinks are available online and Los Angeles area retailers with three different infusions – Original Coconut, Lime, and Pomegranate, all with 25 mg Hemp Extract per bottle.

Richard Harrington, founder and CEO of Adapt Brands, started experimenting with these superfoods after a string of athletic injuries and post-surgery complications which began during his college football career. “I began to see cannabinoid-rich products and superfoods as the perfect marriage,” stated Harrington. “For the active consumer this is the win-win beverage with cannabinoids for the pain and muscle soreness management, as well as cognitive function support, and Superfoods to boost energy, metabolism and overall health and wellness.”

Adapt SuperWater is the first hemp-infused superfood beverage to arrive in the market.

Adapt SuperWater contains 100% pure coconut water, 25mg of proprietary hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD, organic monk fruit and natural flavors. With no added sugar, no preservatives, and natural electrolytes and potassium, these hydrating beverages help bring the body back to homeostasis while delivering the necessary micronutrients to function at a high level throughout the day.

Famed San Francisco quarterback and Managing Partner of Liquid2 Ventures, Joe Montana, also knows what is like to undergo major athletic injuries and intense physical rehabilitation. Montana is a fan of Adapt and is an advisor to Harrington and the team. “I am on the advisory board for Adapt Brands because they have developed tasty and functional hemp-infused superfood products as an alternative to synthetic beverages, supplements and opioids which have long dominated the market.”

In times like these where CBD and cannabis dispensaries and clinics are deemed essential, SuperWater is available throughout the Los Angeles area.  The products are also available for purchase at

For more information, check out their Instagram page.

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