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Adventure with Rogue's Batsquatch Hazy IPA for the Chance to Win a Grand Oregon Excursion

Rogue Ales & Spirits in Newport, Oregon is inviting drinkers to adventure with Batsquatch Hazy IPA in order to win a grand Oregon excursion. Full details are below.

Newport, Ore. — Batsquatch Hazy IPA, one of the most popular brews from pioneer craft brewery Rogue Ales & Spirits, is the go-to beer for adventure, whatever that adventure may be.

“In 2020 we’ve had to redefine adventure,” says Amanda Zessin, Marketing & Communications Manager. “We haven’t been able to travel, hike, explore, or even venture away from home, but there are safe ways to adventure in this new reality. Whether camping in your living room, getting lost in a book, gardening in your yard, or exploring the world once it is safe, our Batsquatch Hazy IPA is the beer for all adventure, both indoors and out.”

Batsquatch is a hazy NE-style IPA that features bold, tropical hop aromas, flavors of orange, stonefruit and tangerine with a fruity, citrus rind finish. This brew, which prominently features an illustration of the beast on the label, is dedicated to the legend of Batsquatch.

“For years, rumors have circled that deep in the woods on Mount St. Helens lives the fabled Batsquatch monster,” adds Hagen Moore, VP of Marketing & Creative. “While there are many tales of Batsquatch, they are all a bit hazy on the details, which makes the truth such a juicy mystery. There is no better way to honor the elusive legend than with a hazy beer named after him. Perfect for adventure, this juicy IPA radiates intensity from the outside in.”

This June and July, we challenge fans across the country to adventure with Batsquatch. Simply grab a can of Batsquatch, go on an adventure (indoors or out), take a picture and share it on social media by tagging @rogueales and #batsquatchadventures or upload it directly at batsquatchipa.com.

For more information, visit www.batsquatchipa.com.

About Rogue Ales & Spirits 

Rogue Ales & Spirits, the only farmer-brewer-distiller-cooper in the United States, was founded in Oregon in 1988 as one of America’s first microbreweries. Rogue has won more than 2,000 awards for taste, quality and packaging, and is available in all 50 states as well as 54 countries. Proudly rooted in Oregon soil, Rogue’s beers, spirits and sodas are made with ingredients grown on Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. Rogue Spirits are hand-distilled on a 550-gallon still in Newport, Oregon, aged in the thick ocean air of the Yaquina Bay and bottled by hand. Since 2008, Rogue has remained committed to sharing the terroir of Oregon hops, honey, cucumbers and pumpkins one acre at a time by growing its own.