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Against The Grain Brewery Announces Pile of Face IPA

Louisville, Kentucky's Against the Grain Brewery, known for quirky favorites such as The Brown Note, Sho'Nuff, Kentucky Rye'd Chiquen and Citra Ass Down, will be adding another IPA offering to its lineup called Pile of Face.

Pile of Face is a "straightforward IPA" that joins the ranks of this new "American institution," according to a newsletter from the brewery.

Here is the blurb from the brewery's newsletter:

In a world where all the skulls are being used up, we are left with nothing but piles of faces. Fear not, that's where the story is truly told! Pile of Face is the institution of American IPA with all the character and drinkability you would expect as we celebrate American indulgence!

This is the straightforward IPA that you always wanted from us. Look for it late summer you lucky bastards.

Photo Courtesy of Against the Grain