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Almond Joy Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


Almond Joy Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Sorry Charlie's in Savannah, Georgia has unveiled a few interesting cocktail recipes for Halloween.

"A riff on the classic drink, the Almond Joy Old Fashioned is a spirit-forward drink in which subtle coconut flavors are imparted into the bourbon through a cool process called “fat washing”. The coconut pairs great with the Orgeat which is another popular tiki flavor. Inspired by the candy bar but still spirit forward like a traditional Old Fashioned, the cocktail has a broad appeal." - Rob Knarr, Beverage Director


2 oz. Coconut-washed Bourbon
1/4 oz. Orgeat
2 dashes Chocolate bitters
Orange Twist
Combine ingredients in mixing glass with cubed ice. Stir. Strain over
one large ice cube. Garnish with orange twist.

Sorry Charlie’s

Sorry Charlie’s is Savannah’s signature seafood restaurant and oyster bar serving seafood, Southern staples, Georgia beer and cocktails. Located in the oldest continuously operating commercial building in Georgia, originally built in 1817, Sorry Charlie’s first opened in 2015 before undergoing an extensive restoration and reopening in 2019.  The three-story restaurant now features four separate concepts: an expanded raw oyster bar on the ground floor, an immersive Bamboo Tiki Bar on the second, Gibbons Hall, a private event space on the third floor, and The Rooftop bar overlooking the bustling Ellis Square. Each level offers guests a unique experience. This renovated Savannah Landmark serves as a hub for dining and entertainment in the heart of downtown.

116 West Congress Street

Savannah, Georgia 


Photo Courtesy Zach Kozdron