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Amherst Announces Release of Collaboration With Shelburne Falls Cofee Roasters

Christmas Morning Stout by Amherst Brwing Co.
Christmas Morning Stout by Amherst Brwing Co.

Amherst Bewing Co. of Amherst, MA announced the release of Christmas Morning Stout, a collabroation with Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters on beers infused with their coffee.

"We've been experimenting for a while now on a small scale and we are happy to announce our first formal collaboration beer." said Amherst. "We unanimously decided on Two Sisters Stout for the base beer. The Christmas Morning coffee is a spiced coffee similar to that of a gingerbread house. It works perfectly with our roasty, chocolaty stout especially as it warms."

Last Friday, Dec 2 they released a limited number of wax dipped 16oz bottles of Christmas Morning ($6) available only at the brewery.

The beer wil be available at all 3 of its Hangar locations (Amherst, Westfield, Greenfield) until Christmas.

You can read all about the development of Christmas Morning Stout here.