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Arches Brewing Unveils Low Viz IPA

Arches Brewing Unveils Low Viz IPA

Arches Brewing in Hapeville, Georgia has announced the release of the brewery's newest beer.

Low Viz IPA marks the first time in the brewery's history that they will release an IPA, as the brewery is mostly known for lagers and other traditional German styles.

Originally intended to be a taproom-only release, this hazy concoction won over drinkers with its "silky, tropical and limey flavor profile," per a release from the brewery.

The full release from the brewery is below.

ATLANTA – Hapeville-based craft brewery Arches Brewing announces the release of its first production IPA, called Low Viz. It’s debut will take place on May 4th at the brewery and six-packs will hit the Atlanta market the following week. The beer, originally brewed as a tasting room only project, was inspired by their neighbors in aviation and is made with a variety of modern and experimental hops that create silky, tropical, limey flavors. It's packed with tropical notes and presents a cloudy appearance from the addition of flaked oats. A portion of the grains used in this beer are sustainably grown and locally-sourced from Riverbend Malt House.

“After many years of avoiding IPAs all together, we felt that we were doing our loyal customers a disservice, given that the vast majority of craft drinkers enjoy IPAs” says co-founder & brewmaster Jamey Adams. “While we will continue to brew and evangelize craft lagers as a core part of our philosophy, we will introduce Low Viz to round out our portfolio and give craft beer lovers a hop-forward option from Arches.”

Once a small-batch R&D beer for Arches, the style has been in high demand in their Tasting Room. “When I first joined Arches, I wanted to make an IPA but we were very focused on classic lagers. Over time we’ve found a happy (or hoppy) medium and believe this IPA is a true expression of our evolution. We really hope everyone enjoys it”, says head brewer Justin Ramirez, who’s responsible for the recipe’s development.

Look for other exciting announcements in the coming months regarding new Arches styles soon to be available on draft and in cans. For more information, visit the brewery’s website or follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  


Started by five founders from diverse backgrounds who began as home brewers, Arches Brewing was built on the philosophy of bringing the best of old-world and modern brewing practices together to deliver traditional lagers, euro-inspired ales, and creatively brewed small batch styles. Inspired by science and influenced by two core values – simplicity and quality – Arches offers more than 50 unique styles offered seasonally in the market and at the brewery. The tasting room is open for public tastings Tuesday through Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m., Friday from 3-9 p.m., and Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m.