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Artisanal Imports Partners with Galipette Cidre for US Launch

Artisanal Imports Partners with Galipette Cidre for US Launch

Artisanal Imports of Austin, Texas, a world-class importer of specialty beers from England, Germany, Belgium and beyond, has announced a partnership with Galipette Cidre to launch the brand in the U.S. Full details are below.

North America – Artisanal Imports is excited to announce that it has partnered with Cider Supply Company, the owner of Galipette Cidre of France to be its exclusive sales and distribution partner for the United States. The multi-year strategic distribution agreement went into effect earlier this year on June 1. The agreement covers exclusive nationwide distribution and brand activation rights for the Galipette Cidre range (Galipette Cidre Brut and Galipette Cidre Biologique), an award-winning line of pure juice French ciders.

Galipette comes from the lush green orchards of the Northwest region of France, where mild temperatures and the perfect balance of sun and frequent showers create conditions ideal for apple cultivation. Gentle summers ripen them as fogs rise from the sea with a cool caressing humidity to moisten the hills, plains and groves of the coastline.

Made with local knowledge and traditions dating back to the 8th century, Galipette ciders are made with unique methods from carefully selected apple varieties. The apples for both qualities come from specific areas only 100 kilometers in radius.

“We are thrilled about our announcement regarding the U.S. market,” says Ilkka Soini, co-founder of Cider Supply Company. “Artisanal Imports’ passionate and talented team, outstanding premium beverage portfolio, strong nationwide distributor network and proven brand-building capabilities make them an ideal partner to execute against our growth strategy in this hugely important market.”

Galipette Cidre Brut received the highest award, Double Gold, for the Heritage category at the 2019 Cidercraft Awards. Brut is made from 100% fermented apple juice, or pur jus, pressed from hand-picked local cider apples in Brittany, France. It is naturally free from gluten with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Golden-colored, clear and slightly sparkling, Galipette Cidre Brut has an unmistakable scent of rich apples, and a dry taste full of lively fruit.

Similar to Brut, Galipette Cidre Biologique is also made from 100% fermented apple juice. It originates from Normandy, France where the cider is crafted from hand-picked organic cider apples and is naturally free from gluten, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Amber-toned, clear and slightly fizzy, Galipette Cidre Biologique gets it semi-sweet richness from the natural sugar of apples, creating a taste of pure fruit with a soft aroma of floral notes.

Artisanal Imports CEO Bob Leggett comments: "The cider market in the U.S. has seen a phenomenal development over the past decade – the category has seen more than a threefold increase in size since 2012. We are delighted to add the fantastic Galipette Cidre range to our portfolio – a fully natural, pure juice French craft cider will be a great addition to the U.S. cider market."

Artisanal Imports now represents Galipette Cidre as its sales liaison with on- and off-premises retailers and distributors in the following states: AZ, ID, IL, NM, NC and OR with additional states opening in the coming months.

Interested in selling Galipette Cidre in your retail store, bar or restaurant? Interested in becoming a distribution partner for Galipette Cidre? Please contact Crystal Bunger with interest.

For interview opportunities with Galipette Cidre, or for more information about Galipette’s award-winning pure juice French cider please contact Crystal Bunger at +1 (512) 440-0811 or by email at [email protected].

About Galipette Cidre: Galipette Cidre is a pure French cider made of 100% fermented apple juice. Our ciders are locally produced in Northwest France from fresh-pressed juice made of hand-picked cider apples and fermented using traditional local methods. Galipette ciders are free from concentrate, have no added sugar, no sweeteners or anything artificial. Both refreshing Brut (4.5% ABV) and pleasantly sweet Biologique (4.0% ABV) are naturally gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Learn more:

Website: www.galipettecidre.com

Facebook: @galipettecidre

Instagram: @galipettecidre

About Artisanal Imports: Artisanal Imports is an importer of specialty beers from England, Germany, Belgium and beyond. Our portfolio of fine ales and lagers is broad and represents a wide range of beer styles, but it is not our mission to collect every small brewery across Europe. We believe in working in full partnership with our breweries and are careful to select beers that are high quality and interesting but that do not overlap one to the next.

The company also represents a growing portfolio of U.S. based breweries and cideries to assist with national sales growth.