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Avery Brewing Co. Launches Sparkle, an All-Natural Hard Seltzer

Avery Brewing Co. Launches Sparkle, an All-Natural Hard Seltzer

Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colorado has announced the release of Sparkle, a hard seltzer with zero added sugars, 100 calories and 1.5 grams of carbs. More details from the brewery are below.

Boulder, Colo. — Avery Brewing Company, an innovative craft brewery in Boulder for over 25 years, announces Sparkle, a glacier-spiked hard seltzer brewed with quality ingredients to have zero added sugars, 100 calories, and 1.5 carbs.

Along with everyone else in America, Avery’s brewers have been enjoying their share of hard seltzers between beers. True to their Beer First commitment, Avery’s team wanted to create a hard seltzer of their own, with the consistency and quality they embrace every day. 

When the brew crew set out to develop a hard seltzer, they wanted to focus on all-natural ingredients, crisp flavors, and their proven brewing process.  Avery spent over a year diligently perfecting a hard seltzer with flavor and body that raises the standard in this rapidly expanding market. Using their extensive brewing experience and knowledge, Avery’s team crafted a consistently high-quality hard seltzer that’s glacier-spiked, clean, and refreshing.

Their brewers tried over 60 flavor options during Sparkle’s development. They handpicked all-natural ingredients and carefully balanced different flavor profiles to find the best combinations. Through this process, the Avery brew crew discovered that classics are beloved for a reason. Avery ultimately selected three flagship flavors: Cherry Lime, Grapefruit, and CranRaz.    

While some hard seltzers are back sweetened, Sparkle has zero added sugars for a crisper, cleaner finish.  All three Sparkle flavors are 5% ABV, 100 calories, and 1.5 carbs.    

Sparkle will be distributed across Avery’s distribution footprint in mixed twelve packs of 12oz cans and in six packs of 12oz cans beginning in February. Find Sparkle near you with Avery’s brew finder:

About Avery Brewing Company:

A Colorado-based brewery for over 25 years, Avery Brewing has a singular focus on creating the perfect beer. In a world full of discord, their belief is that a singular dedication to something as seemingly simple and inconsequential as beer can transform the world. Avery Brewing exists to pursue the mastery of beer and to reveal its power. Standouts include White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, a remarkable selection of IPAs including Maharaja Imperial IPA, and Barrel-Aged 16ers like Vanilla Bean Stout. Discover what great beer can do to your world.  Beer First. The Rest Will Follow.