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Back East Brewing Co.'s Ice Cream IPA Returns

Back East Brewing Co.'s Ice Cream IPA Returns

Back East Brewing Co. in Bloomfield, Connecticut has announced that its popular rotating IPA series Ice Cream Man is back for its next batch.

The delectably hazy IPA last hit the market over two months ago. The full release from the brewery is below.

We hope you can make it this Saturday for our next Ice Cream Man IPA can release.  It is hard to believe, but it has been over two months since our last can release, so we're certainly overdue.

The Green Grunion food truck will be here all day with their delicious San Diego-style burritos and Tino Malone & crew will be performing live on our front patio! The beer starts flowing at noon and we'll be open until 6pm!  

To celebrate the passing of the new CT law regarding higher limits on can sales, we'll have a limit of TWO cases of Ice Cream Man IPA for the first 200 people (1 case per person after that).

We also have a great selection of other cans, including recent batches of Intergalactic Lupulinary IPA, Infinite Universe IPA, Rakautra IPA, Tony Goes Dancing #19, and many others.  Like our last few can releases, Ice Cream Man IPA six-packs will be available at our back loading dock starting at noon.

After you grab some cans in back, come up front for a beer, lunch, and some great music.  The weather looks beautiful, the tunes will be rockin', and the beer will be flowin'; so come by and spend some time with us!

The Back East family