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Baltimore Spirits Co. Releases First Post Epoch Whiskey of 2020

Baltimore Spirits Co. Releases First Post Epoch Whiskey of 2020

Baltimore Spirits Co. of Maryland has announced that its first Post Epoch Whiskey release of 2020 has occurred. The full release from the distillery is below.

BALTIMORE— Baltimore Spirits Company has announced they will be releasing the first specialty whiskey of 2020 from their Post Epoch line; one-time-only expressions of their award-winning flagship Epoch Rye. The whiskey will be available exclusively at their distillery in the Union Collective starting Saturday, March 14th from noon to 6 PM.

The new version of Post Epoch has been specially aged in a barrel formerly containing Baltimore Spirits Company’s one-of-a-kind Singularities #1 liqueur, dubbed Bort, from their line of specialty spirits released last January. Made in collaboration with their Union Collective neighbors Union Craft Brewing, the liqueur was distilled from the fermented wort of Union’s seasonal Snow Pants Stout. Baltimore Spirits Company then added their own unfermented Snow Pants Stout wort back to the distillate and left the spirit to age in their signature oak barrels for over two years. Once the liqueur was bottled, the barrel was then filled with Epoch Rye and left to age for another year – for a total of three years – to absorb the distinct and rich wort flavor, creating a truly unique whiskey.

“We can say without hyperbole that this version of Post Epoch is unlike any whiskey that currently exists,” said Baltimore Spirits Company co-founder and CEO Max Lents. “We know that because before we made it, Bort didn’t exist, so this will definitely be something special for whiskey lovers, and a great addition to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.”

The new Post Epoch is available at Baltimore Spirit Company’s tasting room in the Union Collective for $59.99 starting this Saturday at the special release event that will also feature Charm School Chocolate as a guest vendor selling bonbons made using Epoch Rye. In addition to the Post Epoch release, this week also marks the launch of new smaller 100 ml bottles of their Epoch Rye. For more information, visit

About Baltimore Spirits Company

Founded in 2015 by friends Ian Newton (CFO), Max Lents (CEO) and Eli Breitburg-Smith (Head Distiller), the Baltimore Spirits Co® distills premium, award-winning spirits that express the culture, chorus, and meaning of Baltimore, restoring an industry of rye whiskey and spirits manufacturing to Maryland. In their new, state-of-the-art distillery located in the Baltimore Union Collective building, they combine modern distillation techniques with Old World craftsmanship to create expressive spirits that can only come from bold, forward-thinking experimentation. Their portfolio includes Shot Tower® Gin (Gold Medal Winner at both the New York International Spirits Competition and San Francisco World Spirits Competition), Epoch Straight® Rye (Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition), Fumes Pumila® Smoked Apple Brandy, and Baltamaro®, a volume of flavored Amari consisting of Fernet, Coffee, and Szechuan Amaro. For additional information visit