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The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Mutation Brewing as the Publication's Newest Brewery Trade Member

Publication's audience to discover the Atlanta area brewery through news coverage and judging panel's single-blind critical product reviews.

The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Mutation Brewing as the Publication's Newest Brewery Trade Member

The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online is excited to welcome Mutation Brewing of Sandy Springs, Georgia as the publication's newest Brewery Trade Member.

Mutation poses the question: "People's tastes and preferences change, so why shouldn't their beer?" The brewery uses its name literally, as it takes popular beer styles and adds unique, flavorful ingredients to put their own spin on them, effectively "mutating" those brews.

Mutation Brewing is on a relentless journey to bring innovation to the world of craft beer. The brewery's commitment to creating a diverse and ever-evolving range of unique flavors sets them apart, ensuring an exceptional experience for both novice and seasoned beer enthusiasts. While our flavors may change, our unwavering dedication to quality remains constant.

Event Spaces for Every Occasion

Looking for the perfect venue to host your next celebration? Mutation offers versatile event spaces that cater to a variety of occasions. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate happy hour, holiday bash, anniversary celebration, wedding reception, baby shower, engagement party or a high school reunion – Mutation has you covered!

A Journey of Change

Five years ago, Chris Shapiro, Leslie Shapiro, Mikey Shapiro and Jack Poole embarked on a mission to redefine the Georgia beer landscape. Starting with home brews in their garage, their objective was clear: change the way people experience beer.

They aimed to introduce unique flavor profiles through a constantly rotating lineup of premium craft beers, designed to appeal to a diverse range of taste buds. With this vision in mind and significant upgrades to their brewing system, Mutation Brewing was born.

Constant Exploration of Flavors

Today, Mutation stands as a testament to the pursuit of innovation in craft brewing. The brewing team is continually exploring new flavors and exciting styles, ensuring that each visit to the brewery is a fresh and delightful experience. While they embrace change and creativity, the brewers remain true to the art and science of craft brewing.

Visit Mutation Brewing for a dynamic journey through a world of ever-changing craft beers. Whether you're a beer connoisseur or someone looking to explore new flavors, the brewery promises an unforgettable experience that evolves with every sip.

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Discover Mutation Brewing and its products.

Mutation Brewing
5825 Roswell Road NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30328