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Beer Fridge Buyer's Guide

These refrigerators for beer fans are sure to keep your favorite brews perfectly chilled – in style. And for beer lovers, a beer fridge is always in style.

Beer Fridge Buyer's Guide

This beer fridge buyer’s guide will help to aid those looking to buy the most important fridge for beer connoisseurs.

A good fridge is key to any beer fan’s life. And that does not mean the kitchen refrigerator. Generally filled up with the essentials, a kitchen fridge leaves little room for excess, particularly an abundance of beers ready for sampling.

It behooves a serious beer nerd to have an extra fridge somewhere in the house where they can properly store their precious whales and sensitive IPAs.

A beer fridge, however, does not have to be an old beaten-down refrigerator in the garage as so many sitcoms have normalized. No, a nice beer fridge can be small, modern and fit just about anywhere. They also have the technology to challenge even the most modern full-sized fridge in their ability to keep beers, and other beverages, chilled to a perfect temperature.

Whether the beer lover likes to entertain and share their beer or just wants to keep their drinks separate and well-sorted, here are some of the best refrigerator options for a beer lover.

Best Beer Fridge for a True Beverage Fan

Lanbo Beverage Refrigerator

Lanbo Beverage Refrigerator

More often these days, a beer fan also loves a whole array of other drinks, from spirits to cocktails to a simple sparkling water – maybe a canned coffee. The wide-set Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler has ample space for up to 110 cans, the preferred method of delivery for beer these days, to display the newest hazy IPA found at the store. Underneath the space for cans, there is room for 6 wine bottles chilled for the next dinner party. That space, of course, could also be used to better cellar big beers, thanks to the dual temps, which makes this a great connoisseur’s beer fridge. Not so great? It usually runs more than $1,000, though it's currently on sale in The Beer Connoisseur® store.


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