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Beer Fridge Buyer's Guide

These refrigerators for beer fans are sure to keep your favorite brews perfectly chilled – in style.

Beer Fridge Buyer's Guide
Image Courtesy @bigwrldsmallgrl on Instagram via NewAir

This beer fridge buyer’s guide will help to aid those looking to buy the most important fridge for beer connoisseurs.

A good fridge is key to any beer fan’s life. And that does not mean the kitchen refrigerator. Generally filled up with the essentials, a kitchen fridge leaves little room for excess, particularly an abundance of beers ready for sampling.

It behooves a serious beer nerd to have an extra fridge somewhere in the house where they can properly store their precious whales and sensitive IPAs.

A beer fridge, however, does not have to be an old beaten-down refrigerator in the garage as so many sitcoms have normalized. No, a nice beer fridge can be small, modern and fit just about anywhere. They also have the technology to challenge even the most modern full-sized fridge in their ability to keep beers, and other beverages, chilled to a perfect temperature.

Whether the beer lover likes to entertain and share their beer or just wants to keep their drinks separate and well-sorted, here are some of the best refrigerator options for a beer lover.

Best Beer Fridge for a True Beverage Fan

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler beer fridge

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler

More often these days, a beer fan also loves a whole array of other drinks, from spirits to cocktails to a simple sparkling water – maybe a canned coffee. The wide-set Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler has two sides, one for up to 70 cans to display the newest hazy IPA found at the store. The other side has a wine rack to keep up to 33 bottles chilled for the next dinner party. The wine side, of course, could also be used to better cellar big beers, thanks to the dual temps, which makes this a great connoisseur’s beer fridge. Not so great? It runs more than $1,000.

Best Beer Fridges for an Office

Sometimes after a hard day at work, a cold can of beer is the perfect way to wind down. Whether it is before a short commute or simply kicking back in a home office, a small footprint fridge that can slide under a desk can be a great addition to an office.

True Residential Undercounter Refrigerator beer fridge

True Residential Undercounter Refrigerator

Literally in its name, the True Residential fridge is built to be stored under the counter. While it carries a price tag probably a bit hefty to justify for an office, it has legitimate credentials. The True fridge has great temperature control, UV protected glass and fancy colored lights. It can hold more than 200 cans with some Tetris-like maneuvering.

Costway Beverage Refrigerator beer fridge

Costway Beverage Refrigerator

The Costway is a much more cost-efficient option for an office setting, running under $250. At 1.6 cubic feet, the mini fridge can hold up to 62 cans. There are two adjustable shelves, with an LED light inside, so it is easy to make it perfect for the beers on hand. Marketing material also touts it as low-noise, so it just might be perfect for when those full-speed-ahead work days.

A Quick Note About Beer Fridge Decoration

As any discerning beer fan knows, one of the best parts of owning a beer fridge is decking it out with plenty of brewery stickers, painting it or transforming it into something that resembles one of your favorite fandoms, such as this Star Wars fan that crafted a beer fridge based on his favorite franchise:



While adorning a beer fridge with stickers is perhaps the most common way to festoon a beer fan's refrigerator, this striking option from NewAir comes pre-decorated with names of beer styles on its sides, making it a perfect beer fridge to have out for all guests to see: 

beer style beer fridge

This conversation-starting beer fridge will surely make guests thirsty as they read the myriad beer styles that may be contained within the fridge itself.

Best Beer Fridge for a Garage or Basement

Smeg: Best beer fridge for a garage or basement

Smeg Refrigerators

The aforementioned garage refrigerator makes one think mid-century modern, or at least it probably should. To hit that mark, look toward a Smeg fridge. The retro design could slip into a garage and flash to Pleasantville every time a guest reaches for a beer. With multiple sizes, a full-size Smeg can look great in a well-designed kitchen or set aside in a garage or basement. The smaller Smegs also work great anywhere a small mini-fridge would slide in.


NewAir AB-1200 beer fridge

NewAir AB-1200

With space for more than 120 cans, the NewAir might be the quintessential extra beverage fridge when one thinks about space for extra beer. With adjustable racks, the fridge can hold multiple cases or a few six-packs and some big bombers waiting for their special day. The glass door allows for a drinker to find exactly they want before letting out that precious cold air.

Best Beer Fridge for a Countertop

Frigidaire 6-can mini retr beverage red

Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage

In the same realm as Smeg in terms of retro look, this Frigidaire mini fridge is built for a countertop. It holds six cans, perfect for a quick six-pack chill when space is at a premium in the main refrigerator. It can also be powered by a 12-volt cigarette lighter in the car for those long road trips that need an extra supply (for those not driving, of course).

Best Beer Fridge for a Kegerator

Edgestar KC2000TWIN

Edgestar KC2000TWIN

Rather than simply buying an extra fridge for cans and bottles, a true beer fan might prefer to have their favorite brewery’s flagship, or their own homebrew, on tap at all times. The great news for that is kegerators are easily found nowadays. With a large portfolio of options, a great option is EdgeStar. Make the move for the Edgestar KC2000TWIN, a dual tap kegerator that can fit a full-size keg.

Best Walk-in Beer Fridge

US Coolers The Brew Cave beer fridge

US Coolers The Brew Cave

For beverage fans with just a little bit too much time on their hands and money to spend, The Brew Cave needs plenty of room. This walk-in, standalone fridge option is perfect for regular entertainers because it holds more than 30 cases of beer and multiple kegs — it has a tap handle on the outside! The Brew Cave is made by US Coolers, a company that mostly makes coolers for commercial use, so this home cave is the highest-caliber beer fridge one could get for home usage.

There are myriad beer fridge options for devoted beer fans, some of which even resemble famous guitar amplifiers, as you can see here:


Just remember, while a chilled home is certainly important for your beers, it's the beers themselvses that are the star of the show.

Header Image Courtesy @bigwrldsmallgrl/Instagram