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Beer Here: Left Hand Fade to Black

Fade to Black Label

Left Hand Brewing's highly acclaimed Foreign Extra Stout, Fade to Black, is back on shelves wherever Left Hand products are sold.

This strong, dark brew was hand-smoked by Left Hand brewers over Jamaican pimento wood over several weeks for a smooth, smoky flavor and mouthfeel.

Here is a short release from Left Hand:

LONGMONT, CO • October 14, 2015 – Fade to Black, that time of year when the skies turn dark, ushering the return of Left Hand’s Foreign Export Stout for the winter season. Fade to Black is a style-leader with a cult following - winning its third Gold Medal in the three years it has been entered, just weeks ago at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.
Brewed for the darkness, Left Hand’s seasonal stands out from the holiday fare, pouring deep black with notes of licorice, espresso bean, and molasses. The brewing team hand-smokes malt, smoking 2550kg over several weeks with pimento wood from Jamaica. The crafted addition gives Fade to Black its distinct smokiness and roasted character. Fade to Black is available in six packs and draft across Left Hand’s 35 state distribution & DC.