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Beer Here: Queen Bohemian Lager

Queen Bohemian Lager, Freddie Mercury, Beer Connoisseur

For those tired of kicking their cans all over the place, Queen has announced that it will partner with RnR Brew Ltd. to bottle Queen Bohemian Lager, a 4.7 percent ABV hoppy pilsner brewed for the 40th anniversary of Bohemian Rhapsody.

This "good old fashioned lager-boy"  will be brewed in Pilzen, the heart of Bohemia, with only Czech soft water, Moravian barley and Saaz hops. The 11.1 ounce bottles will be released in cases, 6 and 12-packs, hitting shelves this Summer in Europe, with a worldwide release date to follow.

The bottles will feature Queen's crest and the cover from A Night at the Opera, the album which originally featured the famous tune. They're gonna make a supersonic man out of you.