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Belgian Brewers Association Releases Beer Emoji Set

Belgian Beer Emojis

Millenial drinkers rejoice, Luddites despair, for the Belgian Brewers Guild has released a full 60 emojis depicting its members' beers in an array of snifters and goblets.

Though the set is unofficial, meaning there could be some compatability hiccups for iOS and Android, the set is poised to better represent the world of beer than the Unicode Consortium, offical emoji makers for Apple and Microsoft, which currently provides just one measly frothy mug.

“We’re no longer stuck with the stereotypical beer glass when making a digital toast. From now on we can finally treat each other with a Belgian beer,” reads a post on the guild's website. “Simply download and install the Belgian Beeremojis keyboard and celebrate with Belgian pride.”

The Consortium, which will soon release its latest batch of 72 new emojis, was recently petitioned by Guinness' parent company Diageo to include a stout glass, though there's no word yet on its inclusion. Check out the "hot" video below: