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Best US Sports Stadiums for Beer

Sports and beer. They go together like tequila and lime, hammer and sickle or burger and pickle. The modern “PG” version of gladiatorial combat is one of society's great stress relievers – an arena where we're free to scream bloody murder, stomp our feet and strongly insinuate that referees' vision and mental health should be checked. So it makes sense that we love to combine sports with beer, another of society's strongest recreational pastimes. Put 'em together and the cheers intensify, the bleachers echo for miles and the dreams of refs will be haunted for decades, to our delight.

With at least 140 major professional sports stadiums in the U.S. alone, choosing the best in terms of beer is no small feat. Needless to say, this is an objective list featuring some of the strongest contenders for the title of "Best Sports Stadiums for Beer. " The main factors taken into account are beer selection, prices, and overall fan experience. This means that some stadiums with excellent craft selections may be passed over due to exorbitant pricing, which can really decimate the experience for those with thinner wallets. So for the record, the San Francisco Giants have one of the best selections in the game, but their prices reached $20 for some craft selections last year.

Interestingly, it seems not all sports favor craft equally. While there are quality craft offerings and prices within each sporting arena, it seems Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer have most readily embraced craft – at least in terms of craft sponsors, and the level of integration between the beer and the stadiums (stadium breweries with specially themed beers, etc.). Let us know which ones you think should have made the cut!

Citi Field 
New York Mets

The Mets have the leg up on the old Yanks in terms of beer. The park offers beers from SixpointBlue PointBrooklyn Brewery and Ommegang, but leave it to Mikkeller to have met and then exceeded your expectations by offering 60 rotating taps at its 10,000-square-foot taproom by the right-field gates. The brewery will also roll out an exclusive Ballpark Beers line throughout the year, with four currently available.

Gillette Stadium
New England Patriots

How can anyone be deflated after copping a feel of this stadium's beer offerings? Fans will love the "Kraft" list, which includes Lord HoboWachusettMayflowerBerkshire, Blatant, Heavy SeasHarpoonThe ShedLong TrailSmuttynoseStony CreekShipyardTwo RoadsAllagash and Victory along with other familiar craft players. Regardless of how you feel about the team, the selection is impressive, and the prices are some of the lowest in the league on average.

Guaranteed Rate Field
Chicago White Sox

Despite the snoozefest stadium name, this is a beer drinker's haven. G-Rate Field touts a mastodonic selection of 77+ offerings in the "Craft Kave"... and while names are clearly not the White Sox' cup of tea, this is the only Kave in America that will rotate 91 beers throughout the baseball season, including 3 Floyds Gumball Head, Half Acre Daisy Cutter, hits from Solemn OathTwo Brothers and a veritable skein of Goose Island joints.

Better yet, at $4 to $12, the rates for beer are guaranteed to satisfy.

Miller Park
Milwaukee Brewers

It would be a crime if the Brewers didn't offer a decent beer experience. Thankfully they do. Miller Park has added 15 new beers to a strong list including locals like TitletownThird SpaceRaised GrainCity LightsLakefrontGood CityCentral WatersOne BarrelMobCraft and many more. The stadium also features two New Glarus beers – Moon Man APA and Spotted Cow, which are only available in Wisconsin despite their wide acclaim.

Also, the Brewers have partnered with Leinenkugel to make Bernie's Barrelman Ale, a Miller Park exclusive. Prices range from $5 for domestic cans to $15 for 20 oz. draft craft, and with premium domestics ringing in at $7, you can build a buzz without decimating your piggy bank.

Mercedes Benz Stadium
ATL UnitedAtlanta Falcons

These teams are the pride of Atlanta, and thanks to a "fan first" philosophy, the drinking experience is something to be proud of too. Ranked among the most affordable concessions of any pro sports venue, Mercedes Benz Stadium cut food and drink prices by almost 50 percent, allowing fans to purchase craft for $5 to $9. The pricing model worked out and ended up increasing revenue by 16 percent in its first year, which has led other franchises like the Baltimore RavensArizona Diamondbacks and Sporting KC to follow suit. Buying drinks at sporting events commonly amounts to highway robbery, which makes Mercedes Benz’s practices the Robin Hood of stadium beer pricing.

Further, the selection includes a stadium-exclusive brew, Wild Heaven's ATL Pale Ale, along with favorite locals like JekyllCreature ComfortsTerrapin and Sweetwater. To cap it off, the championship soccer squad has its own beer by Three Taverns, Rowdy and Proud IPA, which acts as lifeblood for the team's 70,000+ strong attendants.

Coors Field
Colorado Rockies

Sure, it's Coors Field, so there's Coors. But this is also a historic stadium in terms of craft beer. Coors Field became home to Sandlot Brewery in 1995, the MLB's first stadium brewery. Shortly after, brewer Keith Villa created Belly Slide Wit, which would go on to become Blue Moon Belgian White.

Prices are respectable, with both 20 oz. domestic drafts and 16 oz. craft and imports ringing in at $8.75, and the selection is too. Coors' premium offerings are all on display, including Colorado Native, and there are offerings from Boulder Beer (at one time known as "Rockies Brewing Company," BreckenridgeOdellOskar Blues and Upslope Brewing Co. Paired with the myriad offerings from Sandlot Brewery itself, it's hard to get a more closely intertwined baseball and beer experience than Coors Field.

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