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Big Boss Brewing Co. Partners with Bevana


Big Boss Brewing Co. Partners with Bevana

Big Boss Brewing Co. in Raleigh, North Carolina has announced a partnership with Bevana to bring its beers to customers across the U.S. Full details are below.

Raleigh, North Carolina – Big Boss Brewing Company, Raleigh’s oldest brewery, is partnering with beverage platform Bevana to bring its award-winning craft beers to customers across the country. Founded in 2006, Big Boss will continue its transition to a new taproom while focusing on the innovation and quality that made it a staple of North Carolina’s independent beer scene for the last 15 years.

“Leaving your original taproom is a bit like leaving your childhood home, but we know that this is all just another step forward for us as we focus on making even more of the types of beers that let us help build the North Carolina brewing scene,” said Seth Adams, Brewery Director for Big Boss. “And partnering with Bevana just made perfect sense. We get to focus on innovating and staying close to the community, while they cut through the noise and help us reach customers across the state. We get to stay small and independent, but think big.”

The brewery’s most popular beers will continue to be found wherever fine craft beer is sold throughout the state, including its flagships Penny Brown Ale, Trail Guide West Coast IPA, and Seabee Gose brewed with Tangerine and Raspberry. New and seasonal offerings will also be hitting shelves soon, following on the heels of their most popular yearly offering, Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale.

“Big Boss is one of the true foundational breweries here in the Carolinas,” explained Aaron Gore, Bevana’s Senior Director of Business Development. “It was the first brewery that I worked at after moving to North Carolina years ago. Being able to help new customers across the country experience and enjoy some of the beers that built our local craft brewing industry is a privilege. No one should ever miss out on their next favorite thing to drink, just because of where they live. Bevana cuts through that, and helps breweries like Big Boss continue to grow and innovate.”

Big Boss’s beers will also be offered through Bevana’s online shop, where all of the platform’s beverage partners may be ordered and shipped directly to customers’ homes or businesses. With the ability to deliver beer to customers in forty-two states, it helps beverage makers and drinkers cut through the noise and the barriers that stand in the way of enjoying the best drinks that the world has to offer, regardless of location.

About Bevana: Bevana is a platform that connects artisan beverage makers with eager customers that they would otherwise be unable to reach. We partner with the best independent beverage makers across the globe to keep the craft in Craft Beverage, and to provide enthusiasts with the world’s best drinks, no matter where they are. Through Bevana, a new world of incredible beverage experiences are just a few short clicks away. Local passion, delivered globally.

Customers in forty-two states can order all of their favorite Bevana beverages online for delivery directly to their door. For all orders over $65, free shipping is also available using the promo code FINDBEVANA22.

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