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Birdsong Celebrates 6th Anniversary With Return Of Sexy Hop IPA

Popular Sexy Hop IPA returns as inaugural offering of new IPA series.
Sexy Hop IPA by Birdsong Brewing Co.

Birdsong Brewing of Charlotte, NC is about to get sexy as it celebrates its sixth birthday with its Sexy Hop IPA. For more details, see below:

The brewery will celebrate the anniversary with a party starting at noon on Dec. 9 at the taproom, 1016 N. Davidson St., complete with live music and food trucks, a special anniversary glass, a “barrel bar” for barrel-aged speciality brews and other limited anniversary release beers.

The festivities will also mark the debut of a new IPA series, which kicks off with the release of Sexy Hop IPA. The limited release will be on tap and four-pack cans for $12 in the taproom, with very limited amounts through out the Charlotte market after the anniversary party.

“We have been talking about doing this series for a while,” says head brewer Conor Robinson. “After lead brewer Jeff Bowman and brewer/cellar Alex Ball got back from visiting hop farms during selection, they told us about some new hop varietals and we thought this would be a good way to experiment with the new varietals as well as make some unique and tasty new IPAs.”

The series is a group effort, Robinson says, as the entire brew team is involved in creation. He expects to see offerings that cover a range of styles.

“IPAs are one of the only styles that continues to grow and evolve over the years,” Robinson says. “Since there are so many sub styles now it seems like a great time to take a stab at some of them and showcase the new hops that have been created specifically for the style.”

Sexy Hop IPA was inspired by a small batch brewed for the fifth anniversary, Robinson says. it was so well received, the brewery decided to go bigger, increase the volume and can it as well. “Sexy Hop has heavy portions of El Dorado, Mosaic, and Azacca hops throughout the kettle additions and the dry hopping. There are tropical notes of mango, pineapple, coupled with piney aromatics.”

So how long and how big will the series get? Monthly releases? “Only Gandalf the White can see that far into the future,” Robinson says. “Hopefully it will go on for over a year.”