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BrewDog Releases 215 Beer Recipes for Free

BrewDog, Scotland's biggest (and most outspoken) proponent of craft beer, has announced it is giving away the recipes for 215 beers online for free. This is all the beers that BrewDog has ever produced, and providing them to homebrewers and beer enthusiasts at no charge is a bold step. This is indeed a huge coup for homebrewers, as they can aim to emulate the hoppy highs of the brewery's Punk IPA and other popular and sought after brews the company creates.



Here is the release from BrewDog:

Martin and I (James) started home-brewing back in 2005. We could not find any beers we wanted to drink in the UK, so decided the best thing to do was to brew our own. Armed with some very old Cascade hops and a desire to recreate Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, our brewing adventure started.

In 2007, we got a bank loan, bought some second hand equipment and turned our home-brewing hobby into our job as BrewDog officially came howling into the world. Our original brewery in Fraserburgh was basically just a giant home-brewing set up with plastic water tanks and completely manual controls.

Many of the classic BrewDog beers were developed during our home-brewing days, and we still use a 50L system to develop new beers and new recipes here at BrewDog. Home-brewing is very much ingrained in our DNA at BrewDog as so many of the world’s great craft breweries can trace their origins back to home-brewing.

With DIY Dog we wanted to do something that has never been done before as well as paying tribute to our home-brewing roots. We wanted to take all of our recipes, every single last one, and give them all away for free, to the amazing global home-brewing community.

Oh, and if you are from one of the global beer mega corporations and you are reading this, your computer will spontaneously combust, James Bond style, any second now. So leave the building immediately and seriously consider your life choices.

A near decade-long anthology of BrewDog recipes, scaled down to make it easier to follow for those wanting to have a go at home (or in chilly outbuildings nearby). DIY Dog is only available in digital format and can be downloaded here – but homebrew-loving Equity Punks will want to keep an eye on the blog tomorrow for an extra special edition…!


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This is good for the industry