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92 Rating – Holy City Brewing – Chucktown Follicle Brown

Who came up with this beer's recipe?
I (Chris Brown) write all the recipes here at HCB, although the whole production crew helps to come up with ideas. 

What’s your favorite aspect of this beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)? 
The aroma and flavor that comes from the Amarillo dry hop. It changes the flavor profile of the beer in a great way. 

Where does this beer’s name come from?
We brewed this beer for the Southeastern Beard and Mustache Championships which raised money for The Center for Women, in Charleston. We had a contest on Facebook to name it and this was the winner. 

Is this your "desert island beer?"
I wrote this recipe thinking about the type of Brown Ale that I would want to drink, it's probably the beer of my own that is always in my fridge, so yes it probably is. 

Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less?
Big, Hoppy, Full bodied brown ale. 

Do you know a story – or have a personal story – that revolves around this beer?
The man on the can is Mr. Paul Roof. He is the Commander and Chief of the Holy Beard and Mustache Society so we had to put him on the can. He used to be a professor at Charleston Southern, but they fired him for being on the beer can. 

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