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Brewing with Jon Lee of Wasatch and Squatters

BC: What life lessons have you learned from brewing?

Lee: I think perhaps the biggest life lesson would be patience. Prior to developing my career in the industry, I don’t want to say I had none – but it wasn’t very much. Since we have to wait so long to taste and enjoy our hard work it’s something that has become integral to my success as well as the breweries'. I think my family might back me up on this one as well!

BC: Aside from quality and consistency, what are the keys to a successful brewery?

Lee: The number one key has to be the people. First and foremost we need to find the right person for the position and they have to be in a rewarding position. They can then go home and be proud of a full day of hard work. That means good compensation, benefits, and a good work environment that treats them with respect. Also, making great beer that we want to drink. If we don’t like it, why should we expect someone to want to give us his or her hard-earned money? The beer has to be good!

"The number one key to a successful brewery is the people. They should be able to go home and be proud of a full day of hard work, making great beer that we want to drink."

(Photo above: Courtesy of Heather Lee)