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BrewShield: New Natural Biotech Extract Extends Shelf Life of Beer

BrewShield: New Natural Biotech Extract Extends Shelf Life of Beer

BrewShield, a new, entirely natural product that extends the shelf life of beer without affecting flavor or aroma, has recently been launched in the craft beer industry. In today’s craft beer market, competition is extreme and the cost to acquire a new customer is more than ever. Brewers can no longer afford to run the risk of having their beer losing flavor and going stale.

“This organic compound stabilizes craft beer, protecting the aromatics and flavor profiles to deliver a fresher, full-bodied product for longer,” says Andrew Planting, Director of Stoak Technologies, the company that makes BrewShield. “This is very important in the competitive craft beer market where quality is key -- especially when you consider that there are more than 9,000 craft breweries competing for 25 percent of the American beer-drinking market,” he says. 

Planting says, “As beer is made using a natural process with almost exclusively natural ingredients, the product is, by its very nature, unstable and has a limited shelf life. This is even more pronounced with craft beer, which uses higher quantities of organics with limited pasteurization. Craft beer also has smaller batch runs with unpredictable cold chain and retail storage conditions,” he says. “This means that craft beer is more susceptible to going off and not sustaining that ‘just brewed’ flavor that customers pay a premium for.”

“With all the competition in the market, craft breweries are likely to lose customers to a competing brand if their beer quality is not up to scratch”, he says. “There is a lot of pressure to make sure customers are tasting craft beer at its freshest and best even after a few months on shelf, and that’s where BrewShield fits in.”                          

BrewShield has been developed through many years of scientific research resulting in a biotech process that extracts the important preservative elements from oak wood. “Trees are some of the oldest living organisms on earth,” says Planting. “Oak trees have particularly long lifespans.” The oldest living oak tree can be found east of the Mississippi and is thought to be more than 1,500 years old. “These trees endure incredible lengths of time in all types of harsh conditions from hot and dry to wet and cold. We have taken the preservative characteristics from the oak tree to produce a concentrated, potent natural stabilizer that works excellently in beer,” he says. 

BrewShield has undergone rigorous and detailed scientific testing. It has documented results from an independent testing facility where BrewShield was found to reduce oxidation (the process of going stale) by 77 percent and test results show no effect on the pH or head proteins.

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Steve Gonzalez, (MS Brewing and Distilling), Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation at Stone Brewing Napa, trialed BrewShield on their pilot system against a control brew that was brewed at the same time. “The BrewShield-treated beer showed much better flavor stability using our proprietary Freshness Scoring System,” he says. “I have since incorporated BrewShield into nearly every whirlpool treatment at our Stone Napa location. It is flavor neutral, and gives me peace of mind that the beer will stay just a little fresher, a little longer, once it goes onto a truck heading off to our distribution center, and out of my hands. I have been using it successfully for almost a year now,” says Gonzalez.

“You can taste these Napa Brewed beers at our retail locations throughout California, in Richmond, Virginia; Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany. They go a long, long way away from Napa sometimes, and I need all the help I can get making sure they taste fresh,” he says. 

As every brewmaster knows, heat is the enemy of beer. When beer is exposed to as little as a 7-degree temperature increase, oxidation begins to take place and the beer begins to go stale. “BrewShield is a highly potent anti-oxidant that attaches to and quenches the free radicals naturally present in beer, the key elements in the oxidation process. In this way BrewShield is able to stabilize flavor and resist staling. BrewShield has also shown to protect the color of your beer, most notably in Hazy IPAs where color degradation has been delayed by over 3 months. 

“BrewShield has been shown to protect beer, keeping the beer’s freshness and flavor for longer than 12 months,” says Planting. “The craft brewer spends so much time, effort and expense to create unique beers, and BrewShield is designed to ensure that flavors hold and customers taste the beer the way it was meant to taste,” says Planting.

“As BrewShield comes in a liquid form, it is highly effective, dosed at very low volumes and operates on a molecular level. BrewShield’s concentrated liquid form also makes measuring and adding it to the mash extremely simple, since there is no pre-mixing or dissolving necessary. Simply shake the container prior to opening, measure out a quantity of BrewShield and add at the correct point in your production,” says Planting. “We recommend it is added at the whirlpool stage with a dosage of 1.5 ml per 1000 ml.  A 1.32 gallon container of BrewShield can treat over 9,800 12-ounce bottles.”

BrewShield is an entirely natural product, is Ecocert certified, OMRI and USNOP approved. The product has been approved by the US TTB and has full certification of Analysis, Certificate of Origin. MSDS and compliance documentation is supplied.

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