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Brown's Brewing Co. Releases First Canned DIPA

Brown's Brewing Co. has released its first canned Double IPA, Intonation.

Brown's Brewing Co. has released its first canned Double IPA, Intonation. For more, see the release below:

TROY AND NORTH HOOSICK, NY- Brown's Brewing Company announces the release of a brand new, first-time canned, double India pale ale called Intonation. The word Intonation means the rise and fall of the voice in speaking and also the accuracy of pitch in playing a musical instrument or singing. For Brown's, Intonation is an entirely accurate iteration of a true and beautiful double IPA. Being a righteously independent brewery for the last 24 years, Brown's has experienced the craft beer industry's rise and fall of many styles, many trends, many breweries, and so many great beers. In the end what stands the test of time is the liquid, and for Brown's, Intonation Double IPA rings true.  

Intonation springs from the crossroads of intense hop forward flavors and supreme drinkability. Featuring a higher gravity from the boosted malt base, the brilliant union of piney, resinous, and juicy flavors leaves a compelling impression that this beer is a reckoning. The late whirlpool additions and post fermentation dry hopping with Citra, Amarillo, and Mosaic are the building blocks of this remarkably smooth double IPA.

Intonation is released within Brown's Revolution Series of specialty small-batch beers. Within this series, the brewers are given free range to innovate and experiment with new techniques and ingredients to generate bold concoctions. Intonation joins Double Oatmeal Stout, Burst IPA, and Black Cherry Stout in this series dedicated to appeasing a love of big beers and saluting everyone who shifts their own paradigm now and again. All Revolution Series beers are limited in release are packaged in 16 ounce cans four-packs.  

In addition to Brown's Revolution Series, 12 ounce cans of Oatmeal Stout, Cherry Razz, and Coast-to-Coast IPA are available year round, and Vienna Lager, Krüsh Kölsch, Brown Ale, and Uncommon Porter are available as seasonal small batch releases.

Back in 1993, before the surge of craft breweries, Garry and Kelly Brown opened a brewpub in then-blighted Troy, NY, more or less to make the beer they wanted to drink. The Browns were undaunted and compelled by a need to share what they made with everyone looking for something new and fresh. Brown's Brewing Company has become what it is today through grit and determination with two very popular taprooms, an R&D pilot brewery in Troy, and a full scale production brewery and canning facility in North Hoosick. Distributed in three states, Brown's cans and draughts are among the most enjoyable and celebrated locally brewed and hand crafted ales and lagers.