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Cape May Brewing Co. Announces Collaboration with the Original Fudge Kitchen for Chocolate Fudge Stout


Cape May Brewing Co.Announces Collaboration with the Original Fudge Kitchen for Chocolate Fudge Stout

Cape May Brewing Co. in Cape May, New Jersey has announced a new collaboration beer with the Original Fudge Kitchen called Chocolate Fudge Stout. Full details are below.

Cape May, NJ -- Cape May Brewing Company is pleased to announce that they have collaborated with fellow Jersey Shore staple The Original Fudge Kitchen to craft a 9% ABV Chocolate Fudge Stout, made with chocolate and natural flavors.

Chocolate Fudge Stout is part of Cape May Brewing Company’s On the Way to Cape May series, a limited brew series that debuted this summer, with a line of 10 beers and hard beverages to celebrate the brewery’s 10-year anniversary. 

This collaboration coincides with The Original Fudge Kitchen’s 50th anniversary—a tremendous achievement for the legacy shore company.

“The owners of The Original Fudge Kitchen are actually my good friends and neighbors here in Cape May,” says Cape May Brewing Company CEO Ryan Krill. “They’re wonderful people, and we’ve wanted to make a beer together for quite some time. This year was the perfect time for us to create something special and have fun making beer together.”

On the Way to Cape May No. 010: Chocolate Fudge Stout is blended with lush flavors and a number of chocolate ingredients, including Chocolate Rye, chocolate malt, and The Original Fudge Kitchen’s own chocolate fudge, to create a depth of flavor with strong chocolate notes and light hints of toasted oak and vanilla for a robust drinking experience. 

“Our fudge creators are known as fudge chefs,” says The Original Fudge Kitchen owner Karen Thompson. “All the fudge is still made by hand in copper kettles.”

“They love their craft and are proud of the dedication and devotion needed to produce quality fudge known locally and across the U.S.,” says Thompson. “I am so impressed with our staff, who pride themselves in service, selection, and hospitality. It is so exciting to see this partnership grow and develop between The Original Fudge Kitchen and Cape May Brewing Company.”

Utilizing quality ingredients and offering superior service are traits that both teams share. The two entities are year-round destination spots for both tourists and locals, with both the brewery and Fudge Kitchen locations open nearly every day throughout the year. 

“Both Cape May Brewing and The Original Fudge Kitchen have significant roots in the community, and combining our two anniversary milestones together to create this rich, indulgent beer was a great pairing,” says Cape May Brewing Company Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. 

As Cape May Brewing Company looks forward to the years ahead as 2021 comes to a close later this month, so does The Original Fudge Kitchen. 

“My curiosity of the chocolate and fudge business along with the excitement of a team who is passionate drives my dedication to figure out what it will take to be a 100-year brand,” says Thompson. 

With cold weather now in full grip of the region, it’s the perfect time to grab a pint of this chocolate stout, or cozy up at home with a few cans. You can join both the Cape May and Fudge Kitchen crews as they celebrate the release at Cape May Brewing Company’s PJ Christmas Party and launch event on Friday, December 17th from 12pm to 7pm at the Cape May Brewery Tasting Room. 

On the Way to Cape May No. 010: Chocolate Fudge Stout, brewed in cahoots with The Original Fudge Kitchen, will be available on draft and in 16-ounce cans while supplies last starting Friday, December 17th in the Cape May Brewery Tasting Room.

For more information, check out Cape May Brewing Company’s website or call (609) 759-2042.